Certificate Course on Fire Safety Management training centre in Bangladesh


Certificate Course on Fire Safety Management


The downside of fire is it can kill people, damage assets, destroy environment. Fire can have its far reaching impact on a business such that business can be lost, customer can pull out. In Bangladesh fire accidents are very common. Over the last 5 / 6 years there have been some improvements in terms of fire safety infrastructure particularly in the apparel sector. Still there are lot of scopes to improve in garments as well as in other sector.
Installing the infrastructure like early detection, portable extinguishing, pressurized hydrant or sprinkler are reactive measures only. These don’t prevent fire but helps in limiting the loss or damage. The preventive measures to prevent start up and spread of fire is the key aspect in fire risk management. Also, adequate inspection, maintenance of equipment, awareness of people are required to complement the effective functioning of costly infrastructure.
This training program will provide the participants with the knowledge of major hazards in fire and how to prevent, how extinguish in case of fire.

Participants will be benefitted by
 Knowing about hazards
 Sources of Ignition
 Preventive measures of fire
 Protective measures of fire
 Reducing likelihood of fire and explosion occurrence
 Reducing business loss, damage to asset, injury to people and environment


Certificate Course on Fire Safety Management 6-Feb-18 11-Mar-19 10 Sessions 10,000+VAT A M M Monirul Hasan

Contents of Training:

 Introduction
 Hazards of fire
 Fire triangle
 Fire risk assessment
 Preventive measures
 Reactive measures
 Evacuation procedure
 Maintenance and inspection of equipment
 Extinguishing, emergency response
 Monitoring and supervision
 Fire audit checklist

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Managers and Supervisors Professionals Compliance Managers
Security Managers
Fire Safety Supervisors
Fire marshals
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.