PowerPoint Presentation Excellence (Advance Level) training centre in Bangladesh


PowerPoint Presentation Excellence (Advance Level)


In the era of digitization human being cannot escape from the effect and impact of presentation. Presentation is no longer limited to one`s personal and professional life only. Starting from student life, to professional life and also in one`s personal there is always a strong need for Presentation skills. This course is designed to provide trainees a advance knowledge on Microsoft Power Point. Trainees will be able to enhance their PowerPoint working skills along with their presentation skills.

This course will enhance knowledge and skill of participants by enhancing their skills in following arena:
1. Advance uses of PowerPoint Presentation.
2. Uses of Animation, Transaction, Story line in PowerPoint Presentation.
3. Practical working on making advance presentation with animation and transaction effect.
4. Professional Presentation and Public Specking Techniques.


Interactive, Assignment and Task Orientated, Group Activities and Multimedia Presentation

Contents of Training:

1. Presentation:
Grammar of Presentation
Presentation types and uses

2. Exploring Power Point:
Understanding the application of PowerPoint Presentation
Exploring Menu Bar, Home Menu, Insert Menu, Design Menu and Tools
Guideline for Message Writing and Information Formulation
Initials to make Power Point Presentation
Using Built in Power Point template
Exploring Layout and Selecting desired one
Inserting Shape, Align Shapes, Picture, Audio and Video

3. Slide Background:
Learn 10 Different ways of Making PowerPoint Slide Back Grounds
Giving your Slide Background a Professional Look
Finding the Right Photo and Color Adjustment of Slide Background

4. Professional Presentation Making: Practical Work
Collecting and Storing Information
Start making PowerPoint Presentation
Making TOC of your PowerPoint Presentation
Inserting Information, Table, Graph, Image, Sound

5.Adding Animation, Effects and Transitions :
Putting Slide Transaction
Putting and Customized Animation
Adding Effects, Adding Small Clips, Video
Formatting Text

6.Slide Development: Hyper Link, Links,
Link Slides with other
Hyperlinks, Finalization
Slide Show and Editing

7.Presentation and Public Speaking Techniques
Techniques for Effective Presentation
Public Specking Techniques
Crowd or Participants Management Techniques

8. Presentation Giving
Developing a real Presentation
Delivering a real Presentation

Interns, New Recruiters, Office Executive, Medical Promotional Offers, Office Secretary, Administrative Assistant, Personal Assistant, NGO workers, Freshers and anyone with limited educational background or individual who have limited knowledge on MS Power Point. Any students who likes to enhance his or her presentation skills.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.