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Training on Stress Management


While some stress is helpful, chronic stress is not good for employees or their companies. At work, it impacts focus and productivity, narrows decision making, and impedes effective communication. Successful stress management begins with identifying the sources of stress in your life and learning how to recognize the signs of oncoming stress. Stress management courses enable participants to understand the causes of their stress and then identify ways to manage and overcome the problem.

Upon course completion, participants will be able to:
• Defined what stress is and started to recognize the signs of stress;
• Mapping the causes and effects of stress;
• Stress Management techniques that will help you to overcome stress.


• Games & Exercise
• Story telling
• Video
• Simulation
• Large group discussion
• Tool Box Exercise

Contents of Training:

Session 01: Induction and Kick off
• Icebreaker
• Workshop Objectives

Activity: Toolbox Exercise, Video, Simulation

Session 02: What is stress/stressors and controls
• An introduction to stress awareness
• The fight or flight response
• Is all stress bad for you?

Session 03: Costs and benefits of reducing work-related stress
• Impact and costs of stress on the organization
• Benefits of tackling workplace stress

Activity: Simulation, Story Telling

Session 04: Recognizing the signs and symptoms of stress
• The four sources of stress – emotional, mental, physiological and behavioral
• The long-term effects of stress
• Identifying your personal stress map

Activity: Small group exercise with presentation feedback and group discussion, individual questionnaire and exercise

Session 05: Stress management toolkit
• Stress management techniques
• Coping strategies and tips for managing stress

Activity: Presentation, individual practical activity and facilitated group discussion

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