Essentials of Business English and Communication [EBEC] training centre in Bangladesh


Essentials of Business English and Communication [EBEC]


Human being is the most powerful creation of God because of the power of speaking and expression in the form of language . Among all languages, English is widely used living language .

English has been gaining greater importance in global communication. It is no longer just a library language but a language of opportunities. A fairly high degree of proficiency in English and excellent communication skills enhance employ-ability.

This Specialized course helps you improve your professional communication in English for successful business interactions.

Objectives of the Training :
This course will concentrate on
• Reshuffling our knowledge of English
• Learning grammar
• Learning Productive & receptive skills of English
• Learning Business writing
• Correcting pronunciation error
• Avoiding common errors

Outcome of this Training :
This training is useful if you are confused to
• Use correct grammar
• Write different business writings like mail, letter, memo, meeting munities, proposal
• Reply a mail or letter considering readers view
• Speak with Correct Pronunciation of words
• Understand different accents of English



Contents of Training:

Module 1 ( Grammar)
• Tense
• Parts of speech
• sentences
• Articles
• Conditionals
• Tense shifting
• Right form of verbs
• Learning from errors
• Passive form of communication
• Formal vs informal communication

Module 2 (Speaking)
• Phonetics
• Tips to be fluent
• Presentation
• Errors in speaking
• Body language
• Conversational phrases

Module 3 ( Business writing)
• Letter
• Email
• Memo
• Report
• Ppt
• Meeting munities

Module 4 ( Reading skill)
• Developing Understanding skill
• Learning replying a mail/letter
• Learning answering questions in a positive manner
• Practice word attack skill

Module 5 ( Listening skill)
• ESP based contents
• Participant-Centered Approach
• CLT based
• Task-based Learning
• Inquiry-Based Learning
• Competency-based Language Teaching
• Grammars
• Phonetics
• Common errors

Module-6 (Business Communication)
• Concept of communication
• Principles of Communication
• Modes of Communication
• Channel of Communication
• Business Communication in a Corporate function
• The Johari window: An effective communication Model

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