Online Payment Gateway Fundamentals for E-commerce Professionals training centre in Bangladesh


Online Payment Gateway Fundamentals for E-commerce Professionals


With the growing presence of internet connectivity, online payment gateway has become a vital element for any business. It provides the customer with the convenience to do transactions through online. For a customer, it feels like just a few mouse clicks or finger taps and an online purchase is completed. In reality, the entire cycle is far from simple and it requires several authorities performing back-end functions to ensure a seamless payment experience.

This training will cover the major operational and business aspects of online payment gateway. The card scheme, gateway providing bank, payment aggregator, technology vendor and online merchants are all in a collaborative journey towards “cashless payment”. If you are a professional working in any of these domain, these contents are relevant for you. Having a solid knowledge of the overall ecosystem will enable you to optimize your operations and make your business more customer-centric.


- Powerpoint Slides
- Handnotes
- Interactive session

Contents of Training:

 Overview of different payment methods for E-commerce
Card Payment
Mobile wallet
Bank Transfer

 Market scenario and business eco-system in the local context
Major players of online payment gateway market
Mobile money- a key disruptor of the card payment industry
Payment aggregators and their business modality

 Understanding how a typical online transaction occurs

 Different types of payment reversals & their implication on business
Authorization Reversal
Customer Refund

 Guidelines on setting up a solid process to handle these operational issues

 Types of frauds and necessary interventions to tackle it

 Four party model and its monetization strategy
Interchange fees
Cost drivers

 Prominent features of online payment gateway service
Advanced reporting features
Tokenized transaction
Automated refund
Multi-currency processing

 Scope of partnership between online merchant and gateway provider
Discount & cashback campaigns
Bundled campaigns
Affiliate Programs
Other innovative partnership ideas

- Anyone involved with the payment gateway operations of web based business.
- Acquisition / Relationship managers working in bank’s E-commerce teams.
- Entrepreneurs who want to start their online business or payment aggregator company.
- Students and fresh graduates who are interested in this emerging vertical.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.