Project & Portfolio Management by Microsoft Project Server Online PPM Solution training centre in Bangladesh

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Project & Portfolio Management by Microsoft Project Server Online PPM Solution


Microsoft Project Server Online PPM Solution is an online based Project & Portfolio Management Software Program where from organization can manage many Projects at a time from anywhere any device. Microsoft Project, Microsoft SharePoint Online & Office-365 is the integration part of Microsoft Project Server Online PPM Solution.

From Microsoft Project Server Online, Organization can perform Project & Portfolio Management with ERP system and also organization can prepare
 Work Plan and Time sheet
 Enterprise Resource Plan
 Resources Capacity VS Demand Plan
 Materials Estimation
 Project Budget and Project Cash Flow
 Project Quality Plan, Risk & Issue Plan
 Project Inventory, Procurement & Accounting perform as per module create
 Project Work Progress Report
 ERP system Project data
 Business Intelligence
 Portfolio Analysis
 Business process as per organizations demand

On the other hand, from Microsoft Project Server Online Organization can perform
 Many Projects control at a time from Centrally
 Centrally Organizations Department control
 Security based Project site and Document control
 Online based Document approval process & Sharing
 Stake-holder & Team engagement to the Projects site from anywhere any device

How participants will benefit after course
 Participants will use Project & Portfolio Management knowledge in his profession life
 Participants will use Microsoft Project Server Online PPM Solution in his profession life to perform Project & Portfolio Management
 Create a comprehensive suite of process to manage of time, cost, quality & risk
 Create a clear frame work to smart delivery of many Projects from centrally based
 Opportunity to arrange smart job with high salary
 As a whole benefit of participants, Time & Cost save, high level Resource Management, ensure quality work, Instant decision make, Improve Customer satisfaction, Close monitoring & controlling of many Projects at a time and Reduce on mental pressure.


1. PowerPoint presentation 2. Lecture & discussion

Contents of Training:

 Session-01
• About Project Management
• Area of Project Management
• About Project & Portfolio Management
• About Portfolio Analysis
• About Project Life-cycle
• Why Project is fail & Profit margin is declined
• Benefited area of Microsoft Project Server Online
• Structure of Microsoft Project Server Online
• Project Online Account create process

 Session-02
• Administrator account set in Enterprise Resource center page
• MS Project add to the Project Online
• About Quick Lunch in Project Web App
• Project Online Server setting

 Session-03
• New User Account create
• Add new user account to Resource center page
• Permission create for new User Account
• Enterprise Lookup table and Custom field create

 Session-04
• Enterprise Custom field create
• View bar create
• About Resources
• Create Enterprise Resources from Project Web App

 Session-05
• Types of Work Plan
• About Serial & Parallel work plan
• About Critical Path method
• About Resource Maximum unit
• About Resource Capacity & Demand
• Create Project from Project Web App
• Add Resources to the Project from Project Web App
• Create Project from MS Project

 Session-06
• Create Project Information
• Add Task to the Project Plan based on WBS create
• Create Phase area
• Create Task dependency
• Create a work plan
• Time scale modification
• Add Enterprise Resources to the Resource sheet
• About Resource rate in Resource sheet
• Create Resource group
• Add Resource to the Task

 Session-07
• Add Resource to the Task
• Add Resource quantity to the Task
• Create a Resource plan
• Create Project Budget with set Baseline
• Create Project Financial plan/Cash Flow
• About format of Text style, Format of Bar style
• About highlighting & Grid line
• About Custom Field from MS Project
• About Planned Progress & Physical Progress

 Session-08
• Work Progress Report create
• About EVM
• Work Progress Report create as per EVM
• About Table in MS Project
• Table create for Project Inventory
• Table create for Suppliers Payment

 Session-09
• Table create for Contractors Payment
• Add notes in Project plan
• Function of (Highlighting, Filtering and Group by) in task sheet
• Report create from MS Project
• Project site create
• Permission for Team member to Project site
• Process to go to Project site from Admin account & Team account
• About Quick Lunch in Project site
• Quick Lunch add or remove process
• Add URL to the Excel O-Data feed
• Document Management in Project site
• Design & drawing Management in Project site

 Session-10
• Document add in Document Site Content/Library
• Create Document based Site Content
• Create List based Site Content
• Create Promoted Link
• Process of Excel data export to Project site

 Session-11
• Project Issue create
• Project Risk create
• About Time Sheet
• About Task
• Process for Project date view from Project Web App home page
• Create ERP based Project Report
 Session-12
• Create Portfolio Analysis
• Practice of sample Project

 Session-13
• Practice of sample Project

Overview of Microsoft Project Server Online PPM Solution
 Cloud based & ERP system Project & Portfolio Management
 Manage 1000 Projects at a time from single project wise and from centrally
 Schedule Management
 Project Estimation
 Enterprise Resource Management
 Cost Management
 Quality Management
 Risk & Issue Management
 Procurement Management
 Acceptance Management
 Communication Management
 Design & Drawing Management
 Inventory Management
 Accounting Management
 Sales & Marketing Management
 HR Management
 High level Document Management
 Online based Document approval process
 Security based Project Management data & document control as per companies top Stake-holder, Managerial positions & Team members
 Business Process Automation

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