Workshop on

Project Proposal Writing for NGOs

Held on : 24 - 25 January 2014
Venue : Bdjobs Training, BDBL Building (Level 19), 12 Kawran Bazar C/A, Dhaka 1215.
No. of Participants : 25
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Course Description

a) What is project
b) Parts of a project
c) Problem tree
d) Objective tree
e) Comparative terminology of project
f) Contents of a project proposal
g) Content wise writing Guideline and Tips
h) Logical frame of project
i) Necessary Annexure
j) Writing tips
k) Budget tips
l) PP Presentation tips

The major contents of the sessions are:
a) Defining project with characteristics
b) Social Development project
c) What Goes Wrong with Projects?
d) Reason for poor project design
e) Project design stages and steps
f) Components of a project and its definition
g) Characteristic of problems and its analysis
h) Problem tree analysis and objective tree analysis
i) Transformation of problem tree into project skeleton
j) Project hypothesis development
k) Stakeholder analysis
l) Project proposal format
m) Logical framework as a tool of project cycle management
n) Hierarchy of a Typical Project
o) Logic and exercises for developing a project proposal
p) Donors’ area of interest assessment
q) Establishing goal of a project
r) Establishing objectives of a project
s) Establishing project outputs
t) Develop activity plan in line with the expected outcomes
u) Example of project activities
v) How to present the activities in PP
w) Monitoring and evaluation part of a project proposal of a project proposal
x) Common tips for budget preparation
y) Steps and content wise practical tips to develop the project proposal

Resource Person

Abdulla Al Mamun

Project Design, Management & Evaluation, Local and Policy Advocacy, Gender and Development, Good Governance, Rights Based Approach, Adolescent and Child Development are the key professional areas of Mr. Abdulla Al Mamun. Presently his major areas of responsibilities as Program Coordinator for MJ Foundation are to implement and monitor the partner NGO projects related to children and adolescents rights issues, develop program paper and provide technical support to NGOs on Child & Adolescent Issues and networking with GO-NGOs in adolescent development issues. Prior to this responsible position, he served at ActionAid Bangladesh as Program Officer, Creating Adolescent Opportunities Theme.
He also served for YPSA (Young Power in Social Action) as Program Manager: Workers’ Rights & Advocacy where his main responsibilities were to design projects on Workers’ Rights of Ship breaking Industry, Lead the projects related to workers’ rights and advocacy, Projects management & monitoring, Communicate with donors and networks and other stakeholders and so forth.
Mr. Mamun received many local and international trainings entitled with Project Management by ActionAid Bangladesh, Labour law & legal rights, BLAST, ToT on Rights Based Approach by ActionAid International, Rights and Governance by ELCOP, “Understanding the art of policy advocacy and building advocacy, Skills for Sustainable Development” by IDPAA, Bangladesh, Gender and Development, MDC Care, Gender Policy Development, Care, NGO Networking for Development organized by CDS, Organisation Development and Management organized by Development Resource Centre. Also his international trainings include Rights Based Approach to Development, AIT Extension, Thailand, Child program development workshop, CINI, India, Workshop on REFLECT and Adolescent Empowerment, Uganda, Meeting with All India Trade Union Centre on child labour rights issues in Kolkata, Meeting with Greenpeace India on labour rights in Gujrat, Meeting with Shipbreaking workers’ association in Alang, Ahmedabad, India, Workshop on Ethnographic research by UNESCO, Chennai, India.