Best Online Courses & Trainning


Online Courses

We understand that sometimes you find training absolutely suitable for you but due to living at distant places, you can't make it. Here in Bdjobs, we make everything possible for you.

Very simply, you choose a scheduled training, talk to our course coordinator that you want to attend the training online, while the classroom training will be going on, we will connect you online and you take the training wherever you are.

How it happens:

1. You choose a course

2. Make sure the schedule announced with training is comfortable for you

3. Contact the course coordinator

4. Make payment through credit/debit card or mobile

5. Get registered online

6. Sign up in our website

7. Get connected in classroom

8. Get the course material, raise questions, get answers, listen the trainers, and see the presentation made by trainer directly on your PC screen

9. Stay logged in with and get regular message updates

10. And you stay ahead

We call it online training and we bring the classroom to you wherever you are.