Administration & Logistics Management training centre in Bangladesh


Administration & Logistics Management

  • Date : Friday, July 19, 2019
  • Duration : Day(9.30am-5.30pm)
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 1 Day
  • Last Date of Registration : 17 July, 2019
  • Venue : Bdjobs Training, BDBL Building (Level 19), 12 Kawran Bazar C/A, Dhaka 1215.
  • 10% OFF at bKash or Online Payment (Certificate, Handbook and Lunch Included)


Administration and Logistics is a field that has evolved to a science in its own right. Now more than ever, it is crucial to use our resources effectively and minimize non value-adding movement of goods in the supply chain. Due to Supply Chain complexities and cost pressures, it is absolutely crucial to keep the minimum amount of cash tied up in inventory and the distribution network, while satisfying the customer to the maximum.

This workshop will provide you insight into the thinking, and help you gather the best-practice tools and techniques to do this. By understanding the tools available, the obstacles in the process and the outcomes that can be expected, you can stay ahead of the pressure that is part and parcel of the job of being a logistics manager.

Objectives of the workshop
Understanding the state-of-the-art in Administration & Logistics Management and its implications for all levels in your organization – from CEO to Traffic Supervisor

Introduction to processes used in Logistics Management, including outsourcing, network design and distribution centre management

A walk through of what logistics managers and planners need to know to understand the benefits of good Logistics Management, tools and resources required to achieve significant savings on inventory cost while keeping high customer service.

Identify key elements of customer service and design the most profitable network.

Discussion around what currently happens in business and the challenges the participants have come across.

Collaborate with other managers in: supply chain and materials management, transportation and distribution, purchasing and inventory management.


Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Question and Answer Session.

Contents of Training:

Administrative Procedures
• Administrative Procedures
• Records Management
• Reprographics
• Personal Finance
• Priority Setting
• Improvement Of Productivity
• Use Of Office Tools, Software

Legal Administrative Systems
• Procedures and application of skills needed in the legal office
• Terminology
• Office management principles

Administrative Support Supervision
• Planning and implementation strategies for development
• Supervision of administrative support
• Personnel and management of the workplace.
• Ergonomics and technology

Skills for Administrators
• Administration In An Organisational Context
• Key Administrative Skills Including Number Skills
• Data Presentation
• Effective Business Communication Within The Workplace The Importance Of Effective
• Business Communication

Individuals within the organisation
• Appreciation Of The People Management Functions.
• Leadership And Management Concepts
• The Roles That Groups And Teams Play In Achieving Organisational Tasks
• The Importance Of Working Effectively Within A Team
• Understanding Of The Importance Of Self-Management
• Continuing Professional Development

Organisation Skills
• The range of problems faced by Administrators and Administrative Managers
• The different decision making techniques and support skills by
• Perform effectively and efficiently

Setting Logistics Strategy
• Reorienting channels of distribution
• Setting customer service levels
• Choosing logistics technology
• Performance measurement
• Inventory policy issues
• Transportation cost opportunities
• Managing the distribution centre
• Planning and control systems
• Implementing logistics strategy

Logistics Issues and Priorities
• Logistics activities
• Total logistics costs
• Logistics as a strategic weapon

Forecasting Sales or Usage
• The keys to effective forecasting
• How to measure forecast accuracy
• How to improve forecast accuracy

Inventory Management
• The secrets of superior inventory performance
• Costs and how to manage them – inventory carrying costs
• The pros and cons of Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
• Optimal inventory decision making: Introducing DRP, ABC, JIT
• Inventory and least cost logistics

Transportation Strategy
• Transportation trends for the 21st century
• Buying transportation services
• Private fleet, common carrier or contractor
• Auditing and monitoring carriers
• Where to find transportation savings
• Understanding the regulatory framework

Outsourcing: The Third and Fourth Party Logistics Provider
• Understanding when to outsource
• Dealing with the risks
• Tactics for successful outsourcing
• Choosing well
• Managing the relationship
• The winning formula

Trends in Logistics Technology
• The core logistics applications
• Integrating order processing and Logistics Management
• New opportunities of mobile computing
• Data warehousing implications
• Supply chain collaboration
• Integrating technology in the supply chain
• Supply Chain Event Management
• Using logistics IT systems to support time-based competition

Distribution Centre Management
• Fulfilling the promise to customers
• Creating the ‘perfect order’
• Increasing revenue, reducing expenses, delivering the best ROI
• Making the right design and operating choices
• Designing operational flexibility
• Examples of distribution logistics in action
• Planning for improvement

Designing the Best Distribution Network
• Integrating with customers
• Overcoming obstacles to change
• Integrated relationship problem solving
• Getting stakeholders on your side
• Devising a winning implementation plan

Organising for Effective Logistics
• Importance of effective logistics organisation
• Logistics organisational structures
• Decision-making strategies
• Components of an Optimal Logistics Organisation
• Approach to develop an Optimal Logistics Organisation

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Wants to enter or now in a career in Logistics or Administrative Management
In current position, responsible for administration and logistics and wants to brush up on skills
Wants to understand the complexities around Logistics Management
Manufacturing, distribution and retail leaders
Supply chain and Operations Managers
Transportation and Distribution Managers
Purchasing and Procurement Managers
Logistics Planning & Inventory Managers
Administrative Managers
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

Resource Person

Moha. Rafiqul Islam

HR Professional

Mr. Moha. Rafiqul Islam has more than 33 years of experience in HR & Administration in Bank, Insurance Company, Garments Sector & Local and Multinational Group of Companies. He has a vast knowledge of conducting domestic enquiry in Local, International & Multinational Company since 1994. He was Principal Officer of Grameen Bank in 1995, Joint Vice President of Delta Life Insurance Co. Ltd. in 1998, Vice President, Administration of Pragati Life Insurance Company in 2000 and Asst. General Manager, Administration in Grameen Communication in 2006. He was HR Department Head of AK Khan & Company Ltd. Corporate Office, Dhaka. He was Group Head of HR (General Manager, HR) of Greenland Group. He has served as Manager, Administration in Linde Bangladesh Ltd. (Former BOC), a Multinational Company. He has worked as Employee Relations Advisor at Kazi Farms Group. He has worked as a faculty of Post Graduate Diploma Course on HR and ER & Compliance at Bangladesh Institute of Management Studies (BiMS).

At present he has been working as Group Head of HR & Legal Affairs (General Manager, HR) at Arbab Group.

Mr. Islam obtained B. A (Hons), M.A degree from Dhaka University in 1986, Bachelor of Laws degree in 1992, MBA Degree in 2000 and Post Graduate Diploma in Personal Management in 2008 from BIM. He has attended in many Trainings & Conference both at home and abroad. He is a Fellow Member of Bangladesh Society of Human Resource Management, Institute of Personnel Management of Bangladesh, Professional Society of Bangladesh (PSB) & Life Member of Bangladesh Society for Total Quality Management.

He has been conducting training on Human Resource Management, Administration, Labor Laws, Civil & Criminal Laws, Logistics, Leadership Development, Legal Compliance, Safety & Security etc. arranged by, Prothom aloe, Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Continuing Education Centre, IPDP, Business Express etc. He has worked as a Law officer with a lot of Attorney Generals, Barristers & Senior Lawyers to conduct the cases of both civil & criminal and service matters in Magistrate Court, Judges Court, High Court & Administrative Tribunals.

Recently, he has written a book titled as “Disciplinary Action and Domestic Enquiry” for HR Professionals.

Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Question and Answer Session.