Sales Team Leadership Excellence training centre in Bangladesh


Sales Team Leadership Excellence


This course is a rare combination of Sales Team Management Excellence and Leadership skills.

This course comes with an added advantage. Participants will learn ales Team Management Excellence and Leadership skills at a same time that surely speed up their productivity. These two modules are facilitated by respective subject specialists, thus, participants get the subject knowledge in full length.


Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Group work, Practical and real life examples.

Contents of Training:

Session: 01

1.Overview of Sales and Impact of Sales Team on Achieving Sales
2.Building up Sales Team in line with Company Objective and Goals.
3.Setting Effective KPIs- SMART Targets for Sales Team
4.Driving the Sales Force in the Market

Session: 02

1.Tracking Sales Team Performance with Effective Reporting Formats.
2.Designing Sales Force Incentive Programs
3.Personal Selling Excellence [Corporate and One to One.
4.Retail Sales Excellence: BTL and Trade Marketing Activity

Session: 03

1.Improving Motivation: Conflict Management
2.Improving Performance: Grievance Management
3.Counseling: Building Positive Attitude
4.Coaching: Building Expertise/ Technical Skills
5.Mentoring: Building Interpersonal Trust

Session: 04

1.Managing Poor Performance: Engage and Inspire.
2.Effective Training for Sales Team.
3.Effective Delegation of Task.
4.Building Team Work: Synergy in Sales Team.
5.Strategic Aspects of Sales Team Management

Session: 05

2.Good communication
3.Being articulate
4.Thinking on your feet

Session: 06

4.Compelling presence

Session: 07

2.Taking on a leadership role
3.Personality Traits

Session: 08

3.Agility & Adaptability
4.Cultivate Wisdom
5.Effect Change

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