PMP Exam Preparation Course (6th Edition of PMBOK) training centre in Bangladesh


PMP Exam Preparation Course (6th Edition of PMBOK)


The PMP training course is designed to ensure that you understand and pass the PMP exam on the first try. Our hands-on training approach will help you to understand the workings of the different process groups and knowledge areas defined by the PMBOK Guide.

1. It is a comprehensive course that will assist individuals to know standard project management processes.
2. Project Management Professional (PMP®) aspirants can avail this course as a preparation of their project management certification exam.
3. Participants will be given a certification of 36 contact hours which is required for applying PMP certification.
4. Participants will have an understanding of how projects are planned, executed, and closed successfully.
5. Participants will have an idea how project management knowledge can help them to achieve career goal.


Power Point Presentation, Open discussion, Group Creativity Techniques

Contents of Training:

Module 1 – Introduction of Project Management
1. Introduction of the Course
2. Eligibility Criteria for PMP
4. What is a Project?
5. What is Project Management?
6. Project lifecycle
7. Project Management Framework
8. Project Management Knowledge Area
9. Project Environment
10 The Role of Project Manager

Module 2 – Project Integration Management 1. Introduction and Overview
2. Develop Project Charter
3. Develop Project Management Plan
4 Direct and Manage Project Execution
5. Monitor and Control Project Work
6. Perform Integrated Change Control
7. Close Project or Phase

Module 3 – Project Scope Management 1. Introduction and Overview
2. Plan Scope Management
3. Collect Requirements
4. Define Scope
5. Create Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
6. Validate Scope
7. Control Scope

Module 4 – Project Time Management 1. Introduction and Overview
2. Plan Schedule Management
3. Define Activities
4. Sequence Activities
5. Estimate Activity Resources
6. Estimate Activity Durations
7. Develop Schedule
8. Control Schedule

Module 5 – Project Cost Management 1. Introduction and Overview
2. Plan Cost Management
3. Estimate Costs
4. Determine Budget
3. Control Costs
Module 6 – Project Quality Management
1. Introduction and Overview
2. Plan Quality Management
3. Perform Quality Assurance
4. Perform Quality Control

Module 7 – Project Human Resource Management
1. Introduction and Overview
2. Plan Human Resource Plan
3. Acquire Project Team
4. Develop Project Team
5. Manage Project Team

Module 8 – Project Communications Management
1.Introduction and Overview
2.Plan Communication Management
3.Manage Communication
4.Control Communication

Module 9 – Project Risk Resource Management
1. Introduction and Overview
2. Plan Risk Management
3. Identify Risks
4. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
5. Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
6. Plan Risk Responses
7. Control Risks

Module 10 – Project Procurement Management
1.Introduction and Overview
2. Plan Procurements Management
3. Conduct Procurements
4. Control Procurements
5. Close Procurements

Module 11 – Project Stakeholder Management
1.Introduction and Overview
2. Identify Stakeholders
3.Plan Stakeholders Management
4. Manage Engagement
5. Control Engagement

Module 12 – Professional and Social Responsibility
1.Introduction and Overview
2.Vision and Applicability
7.Professional Responsibility Summary

Module 13: Concluding session
1. How to apply for the certification
2. Mock Exam

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Project Management
The PMP certification is an essential professional requirement for project manager roles across all industries. The course is best suited for:

Project Managers
Associate/Assistant Project Managers
Team Leads/Team Managers
Project Executives/Project Engineers
Software Developers
Any professional aspiring to be a Project Manager