Workplace Efficiency & Productivity [Maximize Your Profit] training centre in Bangladesh


Workplace Efficiency & Productivity [Maximize Your Profit]


“Less is More” Increasing workplace efficiency is not merely a question of doing more work in less time, less cost and use of Less Resources. In recent changed business dynamic Efficiency is the key to survive and growth!

Workplace Efficiency Improvement can help you reduce inefficiencies and waste across your business, and increase both quality of your products as well as your business' profitability.Workplace Efficiency focuses on only spending money on resources that create value for your customers. Anything which does not ultimately increase value for your customers is considered wasteful and a target for savings.

Workplace Efficiency helps optimizing the flow of work, so it can apply in almost any business or process and employees and a way of new thinking and a way of changing the culture of your business for the continuous betterment.
Workplace Efficiency & Productivity through Lean Management Philosophy is one the Global Proven Tools to enhance Productivity and Efficiency of the employee, business and production with ultimately objective to leads towards Organizational Efficiency and Productivity, in other words Operational Excellence.


• Increase production efficiency
• Reduction in defects with “First Time Right” lead time and cost of production
• Increasing client satisfaction and shareholder’s value
• Driving profitable innovation through speed-to-market and effective commercialization
• Improving execution, flexibility and responsiveness


Class Room Learning
Hands On Demo
Simulation and games
Group Work
Video Presentation

Contents of Training:

• Introduction to Efficiency and Productivity and Importance in the context of 21st Century’s Business Dynamics
• Workplace organization & the role of 5S as productivity enhancement tool
• Smooth flow of operation through Visual control and management
• Eye Opener for Leadership to identify the deadly devils, Identifying HVA
• Identification of Value Added & Non Value Added Activities
• Identification of 3M and deadly waste in the operation
• Engaging people and bringing improvement though KAIZEN and KAIZEN Breakthrough
• Process Mapping to see Values in the Operation Through Value Stream Mapping
• How to solve your problems permanently to enhance efficiency instead of Band Aid Solving

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