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Work Place Organization for Greater Efficiency


5S is one of the basement and powerful tools for both workplace and personal level productivity and efficiency improvement. It can be applied in a company that is starting down the path of the continuous improvement culture. A 5S implementation helps in changing the mindset of the employee toward positivity, identify and eliminating the waste and maintain an efficient, productive, safe, clean and satisfying work environment.

The 5S methodology is easy for everyone to start using and can be implemented everywhere in all types of companies, ranging from personal life to offices process to production process, small businesses to large multinational organization and brings benefit to operators, directors, and customers alike. It has been said that only 5S can improve efficiency by 5%-35% depending the nature and type of organization.

True Benefits of 5S:

• Reduce search time and improve productivity.
• Preventing mistakes that ruin a job and makes scrap and rework
• Make sure equipment is reliable and works properly to make a perfect item every time “First Time Right”
• Removing and preventing useless variation in work activities and machine performance
• Delivering exact quality products and service ever more quickly
• Keeping people and plant safe from hazards and harm
• Improve Employee Satisfaction.


Potential Improvement


Up to 70% Reduction


5%-60% Reduction


15%-50%+ Increase

Pride & Morale

Significantly Improved


20%-50% Reduction

Wasted Motion

20%-50%+ Reduction

Kaizen Mind

Number of Suggestions 1500% + Increase Pride & Morale


Class Room Learning
Hands On Demo
Simulation and games
Group Work
Video Presentation

Contents of Training:

Below are the Content of The Training on Work Place organization for Greater Efficiency at Business and Production Process:

1. Sort: Keep near you only what you frequently use and most necessary items on the basis of Need and Want.
2. Set in Order: Find exactly what you need to use in less than 30 seconds with a principles ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’
3. Shine: Have your workplace and equipment ready for immediate use.
4. Standardize: Everyone does each job in the same way and is challenged to improve it
5. Sustain: Everyone takes part to foster a safe, efficient and effective workplace

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Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.