5S Approach for Workplace Management training centre in Bangladesh


5S Approach for Workplace Management

  • Date : 09 - 21 July 2019
  • Duration : Evening(6.30 pm-9.30 pm)
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 4 sessions
  • Class Schedule : Sunday and Tuesday
  • Total Hours : 12
  • Last Date of Registration : 8 July, 2019
  • Venue : Bdjobs Training, BDBL Building (Level 19), 12 Kawran Bazar C/A, Dhaka 1215.
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In an increasingly competitive workplace each and every resource needs to be utilized optimally for best results.

5S is workplace management where the work area and workplace are organized and ritualized to minimize the loss of time and the use of movement. Originally part of Lean manufacturing philosophy (also known as the Toyota Production System), its principles for eliminating wasted time and unnecessary motion are universally applicable to everyone and every business.

5S is one of the basement and powerful tools for both workplace and personal level productivity and efficiency improvement. It can be applied in a company that is starting down the path of the continuous improvement culture. A 5S implementation helps in changing the mindset of the employee toward positivity, identify and eliminating the waste and maintain an efficient, productive, safe, clean and satisfying work environment.

The 5S methodology is easy for everyone to start using and can be implemented everywhere in all types of companies, ranging from personal life to offices process to production process, small businesses to large multinational organization and brings benefit to operators, directors, and customers alike. It has been said that only 5S can improve efficiency by 5%-35% depending the nature and type of organization.

This one Day program covers a set of proven Methodologies, Tools, Techniques, and broad range of topics which will facilitate a thorough understanding of various tools to device you and your team to boost continuous improvement journey towards achieving personal & operational excellence. Prepare yourself and your team with the vital tools required to remain at the Peak of the Profession

Benefits of 5S:
• Reduce search time and improve productivity.
• Preventing mistakes that ruin a job and makes scrap and rework
• Make sure equipment is reliable and works properly to make a perfect item every time “First Time Right”
• Removing and preventing useless variation in work activities and machine performance
• Delivering exact quality products and service ever more quickly
• Keeping people and plant safe from hazards and harm
• Improve Employee Satisfaction.
• Increase profitability

* Safety - Up to 70% Reduction
* Space - 5%-60% Reduction
* Productivity - 15%-50%+ Increase
* Pride & Morale - Significantly Improved
* Absenteeism - 20%-50% Reduction
* Wasted Motion - 20%-50%+ Reduction
* Kaizen Mind - Number of Suggestions 1500% + Increase Pride & Morale


Class Room Learning
Hands On Demo
Simulation and games
Group Work
Video Presentation

Contents of Training:

Important Lean Concepts
• The 7 Wastes and Value Added & Non Value Added Activity
• The Lean Basic Concept
• History Behind 5S
•Elimination of Waste and Loss with 5S
• Our 5S Training Objectives

Purpose of 5S
• 5S Creates a Visual Factory
• The 5S Cycle
• 5S Activities Explained
• The Purpose and Payoff of 5S
• Remove the Roadblocks in the Way
• 5S Program Overview

5S Program Steps
• Workplace Observation
• Set a Target Area Vision
• The Power of a Shared Vision
• What You See Before 5S
• What You See After 5S
• After 5S – Easy to Find, Easy to Do
• One-Day Work Area Log

• Sort – keep only what is needed Today
• Red Tag Process
• Red Tag Inspection List
• Red Tagged Item log
• Decide What to do With Dispossessed Item

Straighten/ Set In order
• Straighten – find it fast; faster
• Put Order and Sense into the Workplace
• Set-in-Place to Make Life Easy
• Visual Control of Tool Storage
• Visual Management of Inventory and Stock
• Straighten the Workflow
• Straighten Check Sheet

• Shine – see problems when they are small
• 5S Examples – Shine
• Shine Check Sheet
• Plan Who, What, How

• Standardize – the same rules for all
• Set Standards for Condition and Use of Tools and Equipment
• Being Visual – know exactly what is happening
• Use Visual Management to Show Status
• What Visual Management Would Help Here?

• Sustain – ‘this is how we do it here
• Weekly and Monthly Feedback on Performance
• Workplace Measurement Checklist – tracking your performance weekly
• Tracking Your Performance Monthly

5S Implementation and Sustainment Tactics
• 5S Implementation?
• Plan/Prepare 5S Kaizen

Workshop Exercises
• 5S Experiment #1 – Sort, Straighten, Shine
• 5S Experiment #2 – Refine the Layout
• 5S Experiment #3 – Fastest Process
• 5S Experiment #4 to #7 – Standardize and Sustain

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Resource Person

Naijur Rahman

Corporate Trainer & Motivational Speaker,Certified Lean Six Sigma Practitioner & Guide

Naijur Rahman, Cheif Consultant & Trainer of Mind Works Bangladesh is a Seasoned Professional Consultant and one of the Known Trainer in Bangladesh in recent age in the field of Lean Six sigma, Efficiency Improvement, Business Process Improvement, Productivity Improvement, Soft Skill Development, People Management, Motivational and Personal Excellence.
As the Lead Trainer and Consultant at Intertek Academy, Naijur has trained up thousands of people of different level from different walk of life including very Senior Executives of Different Manufacturing Plants and Business Process with a consistent NPS score of 9.80 out of 10 graded by his participants. His Total Training Delivery hour is approximately 2000 hour.

Naijur last served the Position as Lead Trainer & Consultant at Intertek Academy and Head of Facilities & Services and Procurement and Former Team Leader of Continuous Improvement Team (CIT) in Intertek Bangladesh, one of the World Largest MNC and Global Leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification. In his 15 years of job experience he has worked on very senior position for renowned National and International Organizations like- Intertek Bangladesh, Team Group, Gemcon Group, Kallol Group, Shakti Foundation etc. Naijur has undergone Extensive Training locally and Internationally on Lean Management, Six Sigma, Efficiency & Productivity Improvement, Leadership & People Management, Human Psychology, Neuro Science of Leadership, Adult Learning, Facilitation and Coaching, Re-programing of Habits, Cultural Transformation & Continuous Improvement Tools, etc. He is a Lean Six Sigma White and Green Belt Holder and Certified Lean Practitioner and Lean Guide. Naijur is a Fellow Member of Bangladesh Organization for Learning and Development (BOLD) and Bangladesh Society for Apparel Human Resources Professionals (BSHARP).

As an Efficiency Enhancement Consultant he has been engaged with number of Consultancy Program on Efficiency and Productively Improvement with number of Giant Level Manufacturing Plants in Bangladesh.

Beside Job and Consultancy, he is engaged with Bangladesh Institute of Management (BIM) as Adjunct Faculty and Enlisted Trainer for SEIP Program.

Class Room Learning
Hands On Demo
Simulation and games
Group Work
Video Presentation