Advance Tricks on Laravel 5.7 with API Authentication (Passport) and REST API , and others training centre in Bangladesh


Advance Tricks on Laravel 5.7 with API Authentication (Passport) and REST API , and others


Online World runs their activities with many types of programming language where Php is one ofthem. Laravel is one of the Frame work of php where it catch more popularity by developing theirsecure and safe data programing path. A beginner Laravel developer face many problem o advancefeatures in their work station that’s why this course helps to understand the most importantfeatures of Laravel API, Socialite & Real-time chatting.


PowerPoint Presentation, Cheat sheets, Hands on Lab Practice, Brainstorming, Idea generating

Contents of Training:

• Introduction of Laravel Passport & What is Rest API
• How to use in Laravel
• How to Install
• How to run in Laravel 5.7
• Learn How to Make API for Data Sharing with Other Website
• How to user Google/Facebook/Twitter API in your website
• Introduction of
• How to user it in laravel
• Installing
• Making live Chat Panel
• Chat Recognizing
• Chat Save in Database
• Advance learning with Mail, Notification for sms and email Sending
• Error Solving and introducing upcoming feature

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This course is intended for those people whose have basic Laravel Frame Work knowledge (Routing, View, CRUD & Database) and also have at least one website making experience.