Result-based Monitoring and Evaluation training centre in Bangladesh


Result-based Monitoring and Evaluation


Monitoring is crucial in tracking programmes` progress and heading towards expected objectives. Having updated data and observation of any ongoing interventions are essential to take informed decision and hence providing instructions process monitoring is much important. Unless having systematic monitoring, it is almost impossible to extract real-time data which is critically important to check programmes` overall health and measure indicator-specific progresses. Now a day, result-based management became popular to implement smart programme targeting to ensure sustainable development of the poor and marginalized people.To gain theoretical knowledge, monitoring and hands on experience on its tools and techniques, a formal learning is utmost necessary to go through for people managing development programmes and technical personnel responsible for monitoring. This course is designed to develop knowledge base and technical know-how on result-based monitoring and evaluation for senior and mid-level managers. How participants will benefit after courseUpon completion the course, the participants will be able to **- Define and understand the theories related to monitoring and evaluation and explain its importance;- Explain monitoring as a inevitable pillar of project cycle management which enable management to keep focus onto agreed design;- Operationalize monitoring plan linking with project`s logical framework;- Develop indicators in tracking progress heading towards programme outcomes- Develop tools and checklist for monitoring and reporting.


The sessions will be conducted through using mostly participatory and interactive methods including lecturatte, instrumentation, group work and plenary. Moreover, participants will be encouraged to talk with peers, facilitators during snacks and lunch time. Selected handouts’ electronic version will available for further reading.

Contents of Training:

Session-1: Monitoring and result based management
# Define monitoring, result based monitoring and its importance
# Linking result based monitoring with Logical Framework Approach (LFA)
# Understanding monitoring as an inevitable part of project cycle management (PCM)
# Monitoring terminologies and its logical sequencing.
Session-2: Designing monitoring framework
# Design M&E system considering major aspects of a development project
# Define indicator, means of verification, data collection tools and frequency
# Identify roles and responsibilities of personnel engage with monitoring.

Session-3: Making monitoring authentic and disseminate report
# Define data, its quantitative and qualitative aspects
# Understanding the process how data transform into information
# Know about basics of baseline, baseline profile and its importance
# Design data collection tools, collect data and data analysis
# Analytical reporting of monitoring and how it influence management`s decision
# Reporting types, formats and major elements of a report
# Donor compliance and use of monitoring reports.

Session-4: Understanding evaluation
# Define evaluation and its difference between monitoring and evaluation
# Introduce evaluation types and practices
# Know the standards and principles of evaluation.
The course is designed for project managers, technical personnel for monitoring and evaluation, supervisors and management people
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.