Quality Project Proposal Writing training centre in Bangladesh


Quality Project Proposal Writing


Writing quality proposal has been a widely discussed matter within development sector since long back. Preparing a winning proposal is therefore got highest priority of an organization in the era of competitive donor landscape. Taking either readymade or outsourced approach, organizations are entering into this battle and eventually very few are embracing success. To prepare a quality proposal, someone needs to consider some fundamental aspects including needs assessment, stakeholder consultation, data collection and understand the ultimate purpose of donors. Moreover, writing proposal is always a team effort in designing a customized and pragmatic proposal.

Upon attending this workshop, participants will be to-
# Learn about basics of project cycle and its important elements;
# Explain key activities to prepare a quality proposal
# Gain practical know how in designing theory of change (ToC) and Logical Framework (LFA);
# Understand solicit and un solicit call and prefered formats of proposal submission.


Pre-test,Powerpoint presentation,discussion,Brainstorming, instrumentation,group presentation case study,Debate,Post-test

Contents of Training:

Day 01
Session 01 : Project Management Basics and foremost terminologies
-Define Project Cycle Management and its importance
-Understand project, difference project vs program
-Sketch the big picture of developing a quality proposal
-Current trends of donors in development funding and readiness of NGOs

Session 02 : Designing Project
-Scope of work for designing a project
-Define the Project Goals/purposes
-Develop the Log Frame-LFA

Day 02
Session 01 :Planning and kick off implementation
-Planning works and prepare work schedule
-Budgeting/multi-year financial planning
-Quality planning
-Personnel planning
-Procurement Planning

Session 02 : Designing Project
-Develop monitoring plan consisting MoV, OVI, Tools, Frequency in accordance with LFA
-Understanding mechanisms linking with Project Team, Stakeholders, Conflict & Risk Monitoring and change management.

Session 03 : Designing Project
-Define the phase out strategy
-Determine evaluation process and scaling up
Mid and senior level NGO professionals work for program planning and implementation, having skill and experience in different approach of development project. Moderate writing skill and working experience is preferable.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.