Analytical Report Writing Workshop training centre in Bangladesh


Analytical Report Writing Workshop


Report writing is an important skill to have when working for any type of organization. Business reports and communications should be clear, concise and free of ambiguity.
This report writing training course will help you develop business writing skills that convey a targeted message and project a professional image.
The course employs practical business writing techniques to enable you to create compelling and well-structured reports, memos, emails and business documents.

Specific objectives
Upon completion the course, participants will be able to **
# Acquainted with foremost concepts of reporting and documentation;
# Explain the importance of analytical reporting and documentation process in the lens of rights based programming;
# Distinct the major steps of reporting, consideration of writing of each part of a full-fledged report;
# Produce quality report using quantitative and qualitative data;
# Capture the pragmatic ways of dissemination of reports with wider stakeholders.



Contents of Training:

Unit-1: Basic and foremost about reporting/Define reporting
# Planning what you have to say
# Define audience?
# Meeting the needs of relevant audience

Unit-2: Structuring the report and writing
# Choosing an appropriate style for your audience
# The essentials of business writing
# Structuring your message
# Choosing the correct tone for your audience and message

Unit-3: Formatting and writing report
# The essentials of good design
# Looks do matter
# Simplifying and using language for impacting report

Unit-4: Editing and proofing the report for wider communication
# Writing challenges, lessons learned and functional recommendation

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