Rights based Approach and Promoting Human Rights training centre in Bangladesh


Rights based Approach and Promoting Human Rights


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Video sharing,Q/A session

Contents of Training:

Upon completion the training participants will be able to-
Understand the basics of Human Rights and Rights-based approach
Explain the international instruments and procedure in promoting human rights
Learn and skills on how to use necessary tools and techniques to promote human rights.
Topics To be Covered-

Topic One: Define Human rights
✔Human Rights: Basic and core concepts
✔Difference between human rights and rights
✔Relations of human rights and rights
✔Difference between basic demands and rights

Topic Two: Universal declaration of Human Rights
✔Background of UDHR
✔Importance of UDHR
✔Articles of UDHR Articles of UDHR (continued......)
✔Characteristics of UDHR

Topic Three: Operational aspects of a human rights-based action
✔What are the tools and techniques to be used to promote human rights
✔Operational ways of having a comprehensive process to implement human rights action(s)
People working for Human Rights