Sales Credit Management training centre in Bangladesh


Sales Credit Management


This training and workshop program will cover on how to manage sales credit art techniques and tools. Sales Credit and collection is eternal issue for sales. Be it in consumer industry or be it Corporate/Institution Business industry. This workshop will deal with practical solutions on credit management with active participation of the team. The workshop will contain both theoretical knowledge and audience participation on various aspects of sales credit and collection.

After attending the training program, a trainee will be able to manage his or her Sales credit management system. Also s/he can improve his organizations existing Sales performance and overall business growth.


Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Group work, Practical and real life examples.

Contents of Training:

1st Half
1. Overview of Sales and Sales Management
2. Why you need Sales Credit… Analyzing the overall perspective.
3. Analyzing the Customer.
4. Ways of giving Sales Credit in a Structured Way.
5. Managing Timeline for Credit
6. Practical Play on Providing Credit to Customer

2nd Half
1. Credit Collection Management
2. Do’s and Don’ts During Collection Period
3. Follow up on Credit
4. Exploiting Relationship on Credit Collection
5. Effective Negotiation and Communication
6. Building Customer Loyalty for Business Continuation after credit recovery
7. Practical Play on Collecting Credit from Customer

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2. Direct Sales Force and Professionals in Consumer and Business Industry
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4. Personnel who are working in Credit Recovery Team.
5. Independent Entrepreneur who are about to start or already running a business operation.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.