Effective Project Management under PMI Framework training centre in Bangladesh


Effective Project Management under PMI Framework


Now a day, in every industry PROJECTs are undertaken. As projects are different in nature from Operations, it also has its own managing techniques. Project Management Institute (PMI) USA, is the most accredited global body, for Project management framework. This training is based on PMI best practice, aimed to share solid foundation knowledge to the participants for coping up with modern tools & techniques for efficient project management.

Learning Outcome:
1. Be familiarized with the world’s most accredited project management methodology, as per Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Mgt. Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)

2. Have a concept of project constraint management best practices

3. Get detail insight with hands-on practice of effective tools for managing project scope, time, cost, quality, risk, resource

4. Learn the impact of stakeholders & communication on Projects


Exercise, PowerPoint Presentation, Question and answer session.

Contents of Training:

Session 01:
1.1 Project & Project Management
1.2 Organizational structure & it’s impact on Project
1.3 Project, Program, & Portfolio
1.4 Project Management = Constraint Management? Or is it not?
1.5 Cost & Risk exposure throughout project life-cycle

Session 02:
2.1 Identify the starting point of a project: Is it the contract or the charter?
2.2 What’s in the scope? What’s not?
- Collect requirement, define scope, perform WBS, validate & control scope

2.3 How to beat the time?
- Define & sequence activity, Precedence diagramming (PDM), Critical Path (CPM), Critical Chain (CCM),
- Develop & control a schedule

Session 03
3.1 Balance project funding & expense
- Estimate cost, determine budget & funding requirements, Earned value management

3.2 Quality – a project constraint?
- Quality vs grade, QA vs QC,
- 7 tools for Quality Management

Session 04
4.1 PEOPLE management in projects? How important is it?
- Team building techniques
- Conflict management techniques

4.2 Risk Management practices in projects Concept paper on: Effective Project Management as per PMI Framework
- How to identify & classify risks – Qualitatively & Quantitatively
- Is RISK always negative? How to manage them?

4.3 Stakeholder identification & effective communication techniques
4.4 Closing a project

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