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Stress Management and Motivation at Workplace


In olden days, human resources were considered only as a factor of production i.e. an instrument for the organization to accomplish organizational objectives. But changes takes place in each and every corner of the business world, organizations are compelled to consider human resources as an asset for the survival of organizations. Rather than concentrating on the factors of production, the organizations are required to concentrate on human resources for their effective functioning. Now, a separate department had set up to manage human resources namely Human resource Department. The main functions of this department are to provide training, motivation, and effective management of human resources of an organization to make them efficient.

At present, the organizations are required to care on the personal, organizational problems of every employee, rather than providing better salary and working environment, the organizations must ensure the satisfaction of employees. If employees are dissatisfied in any aspect of organization, they will be stressed, it will leads to absenteeism, inactive in work place and finally the turnover of efficient employees. This indicates that extra care must be given to human resources while handling with them. Motivation is an important technique which can be used for reducing the job stress of an individual. If proper motivation techniques are provided ,(motivation does not mean training and development class but also it includes so many other techniques) employees will be satisfied , if they are satisfied ,they will be active in their work places ,which increases organizational productivity that may lead to a complete positive change of an organization otherwise all these adversely affect the organization . So management of stress and motivation of employees are essential for the change of an organization.

Success in stress management starts with training for maximum physical and mental recovery. The impact of sustained high stress on body depends on how well you balance the pressures of performance with meeting your recovery needs through relaxation, exercise, nutrition and self-awareness. Find out how to avoid common pitfalls threatening high-level performers and how to avoid the hidden costs associated with the stress of high career achievement. Harness the power of mind and body. Find the means to enhance the capacity to make accurate assessments of a situation develop sound strategies and move decisively to action with positive outcomes. A variety of factors contribute to workplace stress such as excessive workload, isolation, extensive hours worked, toxic work environments, lack of autonomy, difficult relationships among coworkers and management, management bullying, harassment and lack of opportunities or motivation to advancement in one’s skill level. Human nature can be very simple, yet very complex too. An understanding and appreciation of this is a prerequisite to effective employee motivation in the workplace and therefore effective management and leadership.

Participants will learn how to:

i. Understand and communicate more sensitively with others, without denying or sacrificing your own feelings
ii. Enhance resiliency to meet challenges; recover more quickly from adversity
iii. Work under pressure with greater calmness and clarity of mind
iv. Dramatically reduce stress with clinically-proven breathing and relaxation techniques that can be done in a few moments
v. Achieve significant relief from chronic pain, high blood pressure, insomnia, and many other stress-related conditions
vi. Enhance personal productivity. Focus the mind where you want it to go, to achieve results more quickly and effectively
vii. Receive tailored action-plans, including personalized techniques for stress reduction and behavior modification.
viii. Discover how to maximize the link between stress reduction and exercise, diet, and rest without sacrificing productivity.
ix. Learn how to lower stress levels in order to skyrocket productivity and take their careers to the next level.
x. Understand how stress compromises creativity and innovation.
xi. Develop personalized strategies for coping with work-life imbalances, long hours, and high pressure to perform.
xii. Discover how to identify the signs and symptoms of energy loss causes of energy shortage, strategies for replenishing energy, and how to deal with personal and professional change in a positive and proactive manner.
xiii. Be self aware and self-managed.


Relaxation and Anti Stress Video, Lecture interaction, hands-on strategy, Handouts, Power point presentation, Participant learning by providing multiple, flexible methods of presentation / Video, expression and flexible options for engagement, Individual dialogue, Group discussion. Music to Inspire Happiness

Contents of Training:

i. Anti Stress Sound
• Anxiety, Relaxation, Depression

ii. Use Stress Management and Motivation
• Improves ability to motivate employees
• Lessen opportunity for decreases in productivity
• Improves ability to lead
• Allow the meeting of deadlines
• Decreases chances of unethical issues
• Reduces possibilities of workplace conflicts
• Strengthens communication process
• Smooth running projects
• Improve ability to develop teamwork and team building
• Help in the writing performance appraisals

iii. Calming Music for Stress and Anxiety relief
iv. Stress as a perception

v. How stress lowers productivity levels by compromising creativity and innovation

vi. Manage stress with exercise and nutrition strategies

vii. Regulate and maximize energy levels through recovery and enable effective coping with sustained high stress

viii. Establish guidelines for managing daily life

ix. Develop a high level of cool and resiliency

x. Leadership Skills

xi. Working with Difficult People

xii. Time Management / Personal and Team Productivity

xiii. Creative Thinking / Innovation

xiv. Motivational Humor and Entertainment

xv. Music to inspire Happiness and Motivation

xvi. Meditation

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Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.