Dev n Defend: Cyber Security Training for Software Engineers training centre in Bangladesh


Dev n Defend: Cyber Security Training for Software Engineers


Every software engineer must also be a Cyber Security professional. Most are not. On the flip side, the attackers are inventing a continuous stream of sophisticated techniques to break into digital assets. As a software engineer or an engineering leader, how prepared are you to face the Cyber Security challenge? You’ll learn about hands-on techniques to build internet applications considering the threat landscape of today. I have built and managed teams at Cisco to develop security software that are used by businesses around the world and will share my firsthand experience in this class. This course will provide you an uptodate knowledge of security best practices for software engineers so that you are better prepared to face the challenge.

What’s in it for you?

1. You’ll learn about prevention techniques against the most prevalent security issues that you can use as a developer.

2. You’ll learn about techniques to maintain the security of your deployed software.

3. You’ll learn about techniques to onboard new developers so that they canbecome Cyber Security professionals.


Interactive, Case Study and Group Discuession

Contents of Training:

1. Session #1.
Stories from the front: I will share three security vulnerabilities that I have observed and mitigated in the wild as a software engineer.

2. Session #2-4.
OWASP 10: Will discuss the top ten threats identified by Open Web Application Security Project as follows: Injection, Broken authentication, Sensitive data exposure, XML external entities, Broken access control, Security misconfiguration, Cross-site scripting, Insecure deserialization, Using components with known vulnerabilities, Insufficient logging and monitoring.

3.Session #5.
Security for deployed applications. Will discuss techniques to maintain the security of a system after deployment.

4. Session #6.
Hiring and training developers. Will discuss techniques that I have used to ramp up software engineers so that they can also become Cyber Security professionals.

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Software engineers with at least one year of experience.
Software engineering leaders.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.