Certificate Course on Global Export - Import Business training centre in Bangladesh


Certificate Course on Global Export - Import Business


The government of Bangladesh undertook significant steps during the 1980s. Consequently there was a tremendous increase in the export of ready-made-garments and knitwear, which garnered maximum foreign exchange for the country. Cheap labor and low conversion costs are the major factors behind the growth of Bangladesh’s garment industry.

Over 3 million Bangladeshis are employed in this industry. The country is an active partner of the Asia Pacific Trade Agreement( APTA) and the World Trade Organization (WTO). A number of export processing zones have been set up by the government to enhance economic growth by attracting foreign investment.


Exercise, PowerPoint Presentation, Question and answer session.

Contents of Training:

Potential sectors/ items of Import & Export
Statistics of Import Export
Sources of business information

License/documents/certificates/ Registration / Permission
Activities of various organization related to Import & Export
Preparation of market survey report

Sourcing of sellers & Buyers
Negotiation with suppliers
P/I, P/O, Indent, International Sales Contract
Step by step process of Import
Questions & Answers ( import related)

Step by step process of Export
List of export documents
Import Policy Order & Export Policy ( latest)
Video Presentation
Questions & Answers ( export related)

International Payment Methods
H.S Code & Incoterms
L/C Opening Procedures
Video presentation
Questions & Answers ( L/C related)

Letter of Credit L/C & its types
Back to Back L/C, Transferable L/C, & UPAS L/C
Advantage & disadvantages of L/C
Video presentation
Questions & Answers ( Foreign exchange related)

Pre shipment & Post shipment Finance
Shipping documents, Financial documents, Commercial & Govt. Documents
Bonded warehouse/ Bond license
Questions & Answers ( documents related)

Dealing with C&F Agent, Freight Forwarding & Customs
Customs rules
Cash incentive for exportable items
GSP giving countries & advantages
Risks related to Import & Export
Questions & Answers ( C&F agent & Freight Forwarding related)

Costing of Imported & Exported goods
Cost minimizing for Import- Export trade
Customs Duties and Taxes
Calculation of Customs Tariff
Questions & Answers (Supply chain & commercial related)

References of related books & links
Questions & Answers / Revision
Exam for self assessment & Job preparation

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1)Supply Chain Professionals
2) Official involved in Export, Import and International Business.
3) Importers, Exporters, Bankers, Shipping Agents and new Entrepreneurs.
4) Official engaged in RMG & Buying House.
5) Professionals who are willing to job in the International Trading Organization in home and abroad.
6) Who are willing to learn International Business.
7) Business Manager, Commercial Manager, Marketing Manager.
8) Students, Fresh Graduate, & Job seekers.
9) Persons dealing with L/C & Back to Back L/C Operation.