Effective Communication with Email training centre in Bangladesh


Effective Communication with Email


An NLP Approach in Communication
You connect with clients, decide and do things, manage team, promote products/services, do business/ freelancing - this is how you live everyday. No matter what you do, you can make a good use of email and thus, you can connect more, promote products/ services effectively, manage team efficiently, and live better. One of the most powerful tool that technology has brought us for free is email. Let’s learn how you can turn emails into your assistant.

Expected result after session:
Participants are expected to know Communication basics, Why communication fails, Three main skills in communication, Communication pitfalls, basic email etiquette, writing skills, why people open emails, how to use email addresses, how to solve problems with email.

Results & Review from the Previous Participant:

"I really enjoyed and never get bored, especially the NLP and mind mapping terms were very worthy to me."
- GM Rashed, Business Development Manager of a renowned Multi-National company operates in Bangladesh


practical orientation

Contents of Training:

Session 01:
Ice Breaking
Activity: games

What I want from training
Activity: Poster paper-work in the group & presentation

Session 02:
Activity: Games

- Communication basics – why we communicate and how
- Why communication fails – NLP explanation
- Three main skills in communication – NLP way
- Communication pitfalls – Games & Activities

Lunch break

Session 03
Activity: Games

Email writing
- Basic email etiquettes
- Use proper words

Email writing exercise using NLP technique
- Internal Email Communication (Horizontal & Vertical)

- External Email Communication
Reflection of organization’s values in communication – Games

Email management
Attachment management
Email addresses for purposes
Use email for record management

Session 04
Activity: Games

Solving problems with email
Activity: Games
Review of expectation from training

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