How to Setup (Small Scale) Buying House & Garments training centre in Bangladesh


How to Setup (Small Scale) Buying House & Garments


There is a lot of earning possibilities in Garments & Buying house Industries. Due to the lack of knowledge of effective investment & cost minimization, many of them become unsuccessful in this sector. This training will help those potentials to improve ideas to boost up garments as well as buying house. Clothing sector is holding the top rank to earn more foreign currency and any potential can be successful in this arena through proper utilization of knowledge.

Benefits of the training:
After getting this training you -
1. Can understand the procedure & setup..
2. Will calculate the capacity & day wise target.
3. Can calculate fabric consumption & CM / FOB etc.
4. Can do all calculation perfectly & within short time.
5. Can understand your costing make profit or loss.


Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Group Discussion.

Contents of Training:

Buying House
1. What is Buying House?
2. Required Documents
3. Order Sheet
4. Price Negotiation
i) Fabric consumption
ii) Trims / Accessories Cost
iii) Print / Embroidery / Washing
iv) CM cost etc.
5. Sample Development
6. LC Opening
7. Testing
i) Fabric
ii) Button (Pull Test)
iii) Flam ability etc.
8. Factory Sourcing
9. Price Negotiating with factory
10. Compliance Recruitment
i) Oeko-Tex
iii) WRAP
iv) BSCI
v) Accord-Alliance
11. Types of sample Recruitment
i) FIT
ii) PP
iii) Size Set
iv) Production (TOP)
v) Sales Sample
vi) Finishing
vii) Shipment etc.
12. Approvals
i) Washing
ii) Thread
iii) Color
iv) Printing
v) Embroidery
vi) Carton
vii) Packing
viii) Zipper etc.
13. Production Planning
14. Planning Follow-up
15. Target Calculation
16. Capacity Calculation
17. Types of Label
i) Size
ii) Care
iii) Main etc.
18. Freight Calculation
19. Shipment
20. Quality
21. Audit
22. Inspection
Small Garments
1. How to Starts
2. Machinery
3. Productivity
4. Costing

5. Fabrication
6. Marketing
7. Profit
8. Cost
9. Etc.

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a. Whoever is interested to set up a Buying House/Garment
b. Those who already running Buying House/Garment but want to have Fine Tuning in their business.
c. Anybody having interest in knowing about Garments Buying House and their activities.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.