Certificate Course on Effective Business Communication training centre in Bangladesh


Certificate Course on Effective Business Communication


Communication is what a business all about. Good to better and then excellent communication skills ensure the growth of the business the same way

The Effective Business Communication course will focus on both written and spoken skills to develop. The course will focus on business English skills to use in a professional environment both inside and outside an organisation.
Active participation will help extend and strengthen the knowledge of each participant of using English professionally.


Effective Business Communication course will provide you with the ability to:

 Speed up the total learning process while communicating in business
 Help learning the usage of proper non-verbal for speaking and presentation
 Organise your ideas and communicate coherently in business
 Develop a professional, reader-friendly written style when writing
 Expand your range of professional language for both speaking and writing in business
 Enable to use correct and simple English for business correspondence
 Improve the presentation of your business communication


Methods of instruction will include lecturing, simulation, discussion, group work and many writing and speaking activities.

Contents of Training:

Effective Business Communication course is designed to meet the specific needs of our clients depending on their personal/organisational requirements and existing skills set. Effective Business Communication course includes:

 The key principles of professional and effective business writing
 Using non-verbal effectively while speaking
 Techniques/methods of good business writing
 Practicing with write ups like letters, memos, notice, agenda, meeting minutes, reports, etc.
 Preparing your business documents perfectly
 Planning and organising your business writing
 Document specific practice

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Effective Business Communication course will be of benefit to you if: Need to communicate effectively and meaningfully to have a win-win situation Need to write a large number of business documents at speed Prof. Islam Md. Hashanat, PhD Consultant Cell: 01842-333 666 01709-932 695 Email: hashanat@gmail.com Would like to reduce your reliance on colleagues and supervisors to edit your work Would like to develop a more professional business writing style Would like to build yourself as well as company’s image as a good communicator Would like to present and negotiate in business professionally