Learning Bangladesh Labor Law 2006 and Labor Rules 2015 training centre in Bangladesh


Learning Bangladesh Labor Law 2006 and Labor Rules 2015


To ensure minimum employment facilities in the workplace for the well-being of employees, employers, business clients and stakeholders in line with local laws, international standard as well as clients’ code of conduct.

1. To know the requirement of social audit (SA)
2. To get clear idea about social audit requirements
3. To know laws, regulations and CoCs supporting SA
4. To know pre-conditions and ground work for SA
5. To know about audit documentations


Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Question and Answer Session.

Contents of Training:

General Module: Introduction
G-1: Purpose
G-2: Working Objectives
G-3: Standard of Social Compliance
G-4: Ground of Social Compliance

Module-1: Core Labor Standards
1.1 Child labor
1.2 Force Labor
1.3 Discrimination
1.4 Minimum Wage and Overtime
1.5 Method of Payment

Module-2: Working Conditions
2.1 Paid Leave
2.2 Social Security and other benefits
2.3 Employment Contracts
2.4 Service Separation
2.5 Maternity Leave; its Benefits

Module-3: OSH and Welfare Facilities
3.1 Drinking Water
3.2 Lighting Facility
3.3 First Aid Treatment
3.4 PPE Use
3.5 Machine Set up and pathway
3.6 Washroom facility
3.7 Canteen Facility
3.8 Caution on Fire Hazzard
3.9 Welfare Officer & Safety Officer
3.10 Participation Committee
3.11 Safety Committee

Module-4: Statutory Documents
4.1 Legal / Statutory Documents
4.2 Auditing / Certification Bodies
4.3 Compliance Equipment and Signage

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Any employee leading compliance activities in the organization as well as employees involved with Labor Laws and Labor Rules implementation, can attend the workshop to maximize their professional enrichment.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.