Regulatory & Corporate Compliance for Business training centre in Bangladesh


Regulatory & Corporate Compliance for Business


Regulatory and corporate compliance is an important part in carrying our business in today’s competitive market and also a part of broader corporate governance. Failing to company with the legal requirement may have serious consequences on the business event shutting down by the regulatory authorities for example incur VAT penalty just because omission to maintain minimum documents prescribed by law.

To avoid serious legal consequences, in today's world, it is imperative to know the legal documents required to commence and run business.

At the end of the course participants should have clear knowledge on:

• Critical and minimum requirements of companies incorporated in Bangladesh to ensure regulatory compliance's.
• Minimum statutory requirements and mandatory filings of incorporated companies to remain compliant with the laws of Bangladesh.
• Practical knowledge on basic licenses and certificates required for operating a company. • Working knowledge on VAT and income tax.


Power point presentation(s)/Sample drafts/Group Discussion and Interactive Session/ Question and Answer Session(s)/Real Life Case.

Contents of Training:


Register of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC) Compliance:

1. Overview on the nature of a company and overview on the company law in Bangladesh i.e. Companies Act, 1994
2. Differences between private and public company
3. How to incorporate a company?
4. Applicable fees for incorporating a company
5. Implications and effect of object clauses of memorandum of a company
6. How to change object clause?
7. Implications and effects of articles of association of a company
8. Powers and functions of RJSC
9. Minimum statutory yearly returns & filings with RJSC
10. Discussion on different meetings of a company
11. Available protections of shareholders
12. Procedures to conduct board meetings, AGM & EGM
13. Ways to dissolve a company
14. Effect and consequences of failure to comply with the Companies Act, 1994
15. Rectification measures to regularize non-compliances with the Companies Act

Trade License:

1. What is a trade license?
2. How to obtain a trade license?
3. What documents are required to obtain a trade license?
4. What are the fees for obtaining a trade license?
5. Timeline for obtaining a trade license

Value Added Tax (VAT) Registration & Compliance:

1. What is VAT?
2. Types of VAT
3. How VAT system works in Bangladesh?
4. Entities on whom VAT registration mandatory
5. How to obtain VAT registration?
6. What documents is required obtaining VAT registration?
7. What is VAT rebate?
8. How to take VAT rebate?
9. What documents is required to take VAT rebate?
10. What is truncated base value?
11. Powers and Functions of VAT Commissioners
12. Advance Trade VAT (ATV)
13. Turnover tax
14. Effect and consequences of non compliance
15. VAT dispute (VAT evasion) and rectification measures to regularize non-compliance's

Income Tax Compliance:

1. What is income tax?
2. Who has to pay income tax?
3. How to obtain Tax Identification Number (TIN)?
4. Heads of income and rate of income taxes
5. Income tax return filing
6. Obligation to deduct tax at source
7. Allowable expenditures for companies
8. CSR principles and benefits
9. Rebate
10. Powers and functions of taxes authorities
11. Effect and Consequences of non compliances with the taxes provisions
12. Income tax dispute


RJSC Forms and Samples:

-Sample Memorandum and Articles of Association
-How to draft customized Memorandum and Articles of Association
-Sample Board Resolutions, Meeting minutes and AGM/EGM notices

• VAT Forms
• Income Tax Forms
• Case study

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• Accounts or finance Professionals • Bankers • Businessman • Foreign Exchange Dealer/ Money Changer • Any Interested Individuals
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.