Procurement and Tendering Methods as per PPA & PPR Rules and Regulation training centre in Bangladesh


Procurement and Tendering Methods as per PPA & PPR Rules and Regulation


These guidance notes have been prepared to assist a Purchaser in the preparation, using the Standard Tender Document (STD), for the procurement of Goods and Related Services. The Purchaser should also refer to the Public Procurement Act 2006 and the Public Procurement Rule 2008 (PPR2008), issued to supplement the ACT. All concerned are advised to refer to the aforementioned Act and Rules, in particular Section 33 and Rule 83 respectively, while participating in any Tendering process.

STD (PG4), & STD (PG3) provides all the information that a Tenderer needs in order to prepare and submit a Tender. This should provide a sound basis on which a Purchaser can fairly, transparently and accurately carry out a Tender evaluation process on the Tenders submitted by the Tenderers.


Exercise, PowerPoint Presentation, Question and answer session.

Contents of Training:

1. Standard Tender Document (STD)
2. Registration procedure
3. Required documents for registration
4. Joint venture
5. Contract Signing
6. Pre-qualification procedure
7. Two envelope system tender
8. Direct purchase system
9. Open Tender Method (OTM)
10. Limited Tender Method (LTD)
11. Preparation of tender documents
12. Technical proposal evaluation
13. Financial proposal evaluation
14. Different types of tender
15. Potential buyers for international tender business
16. Documents for international tender business
17. Preparation of Tender
18. Submission of Tender documents
19. Opening & Evaluation of Tender
20. Award of Contract
21. Agency agreement with foreign suppliers
22. Sourcing of Foreign Suppliers
23. List of the Scheduled Banks
24. Suppliers Responsibilities
25. Tender Security
26. Performance Security
27. Insurance
28. Terms of Payment
29. Taxes & Duties
30. How to Participate e-Tendering
31. Responsibilities of local agent
32. Agency commission of tender business
33. Banking & Customs procedure
34. Payment of L/C
35. Important Forms for tender under PPR

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