Advanced Certificate Course on Bank Management training centre in Bangladesh


Advanced Certificate Course on Bank Management


The banking profession, today, is a nice career for all students from the commerce, economics, and accounts domain. For beginners, it’s the first step to understand the global economy, discover marketplace challenges, and identify themselves with a rewarding career which provides them tremendous opportunities, both nationally and internationally.

1. Get an overview of operations of banks
2. Understand monogram of banks
3. Identify products and customers of a bank/NBFI and understand sales and relationship management in banking industry
4. Gain practical financial analysis skills needed for credit approval
5. Gain understanding of banking rules and regulations in Bangladesh
6. Understand credit risk, operational risks and market risk management for banks
7. Understand international trade – import and export related activities of a bank
8. Gain essential administrative, team management, meeting and presentation skills
9. Language and communication skills for banking professionals – introduction to financial English
10. Go global – know about international qualifications and scope of professional qualifications for finance professionals



Contents of Training:

MODULE 1 : Economy, financial system & banks

Bangladesh Economy at a glance
Macroeconomic statistics of Bangladesh (Population, GDP, Inflation, unemployment, trade balance etc) / Growth strategies & prospects of Bangladesh/ thrust sectors of Bangladesh & investment opportunities/ policy frameworks (both monetary & fiscal) of Bangladesh.
Overview of financial system, financial market & financial institutions
Structure of Financial system (financial institution, financial instruments & financial markets)/Role of financial markets in the economy/Functions of financial markets/Constituents of financial markets/Money markets &its instruments/Capital markets & its instruments/Financial institutions in Bangladesh.
Legal & regulatory Infrastructure and key laws relating to Banking Industry emphasizing Bank Companies Act, 1991
-The Bank Companies Act,1991 & special focus on the sections ( Disposal of non-banking assets, unclaimed deposit and valuable articles/Restrictions on removal of records and documents, buying shares of banks, payment of dividend, advances/Requirements pertaining to paid up capital, reserve fund, cash reserve, and liquid assets/Directors related sections ( election of new directors, certain privilege of directors )/Responsibility of CEO/Power of Bangladesh Bank (to inspect, to give directions, to remove directors, to dissolve the Board of Directors). -Salient features & relevant sections of Company Act, 1994/Types of companies & features of a company. Different Types of share (ordinary & preferential)/Different types of Debenture (simple, mortgage, redeemable, irredeemable, registered & bearer)/Different types of share capital ( authorized, issued, subscribed, paid up, uncalled, reserved & watered/ Distinguishing features between (i) Private & public limited company, (ii) share & debenture.

MODULE 2: Accounting

Preliminary Concepts of Accounting
GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) / The account/Double entry recording process/Basic Accounting equation/Golden rules of Accounting/ Identification and analysis of transaction and other events.
Accounting Cycle
Recording: Journal/Classifying: Ledger/Summarizing: Trail Balance/ Preparation of final account/Analysis.
Financial statement
Components, format & need analysis of the statements (Balance sheet/Income statement/Cash flow statement/ Statement in the change of equity)
Ratio analysis
Components, formulas & interpretation of the ratios ( Liquidity ratios/Activity ratios/Leverage ratios/ Profitability ratios)
Cash flow statement
Cash flow versus fund flow/Cash flow from operating activities/Cash flow from investing activities/Cash flow from financing activities/ Direct method for cash flow/ Indirect method for cash flow
Tax, VAT & Banking Products
Conceptual framework of tax & VAT/ rate and applicability of tax & VAT on banking products/ a short focus on corporate tax.

MODULE 3 : General Banking

Different Types of Customer and Bank Customer Relationship
Who is a banker? /Who is a customer? /General relationship between banker & customer /Special relationship between banker & customer/ Rights of a customer/Duties and obligations of a banker/Disclosure & secrecy of customer’s account/Termination of Banker-customer relationship.
Deposit Products
The liability product lines/ Benefit schedules of the products/ Procedures should be followed/ Major terms & conditions / Study of comparative advantages of products.
Opening of different Types of accounts
Different types of accounts/Indicative list of documents required for opening the accounts/Analysis of sources of fund/Analysis of types of documents/Component analysis of required documents/Opening of deposit accounts (application on the prescribed form, introduction of the account, specimen signature, and necessary documentations).
Operation and Closing of Different Types of Accounts
Relevant analysis (TP, KYC, SBS etc)/ Operations of the account/Transfer of the account/Monitoring the accounts/Closing the accounts/ handling of deceased, inoperative, dormant & unclaimed deposit accounts.
The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881
Types, essentials & distinguishing features of Negotiable Instruments/Application of different articles of NI Act in the banking industry/Special focus on crossing & endorsement/Special focus on important terms : Holder, holder in due course, payment in due course, apparent tenor, material alteration/ Responsibilities & obligations of a paying banker/ Responsibilities and obligations of a collecting banker/ Notice of dishonour for cheque and subsequent roadmap for legal action.
Contract Act, 1872 and Partnership Act, 1932
For Contract Act-1872:Title, commencement, enactment/Essentials of a contract/ Offer, counteroffer, proposal, agreement/Interpretation of terms: consent, free consent, consideration, coercion, undue influence, misrepresentation, fraud etc/ Obligation of parties to a contract. For Partnership Act-1872 :Definition of partnership, partners, partnership letter, partnership deed, implied authority of a partner/The object of a partnership firm. Number of partners/ Bank account operation by partnership firm/Restrictions on implied power/ Liability of a partner /Situation analysis (Death of a partner, Retirement of a partner, Insolvency of a partner).
Cheques, Crossing and Endorsement
Definition, types & objects of crossing/Essentials, forms & significance of general crossing/Essentials, forms &significance of special crossing/Who can cross a cheque ? /Cancellation of crossing/ Definition, types & effects of endorsement/Legal provisions regarding endorsement/ General rules regarding the form of endorsement.
Collecting and Paying Banker
The definition of paying banker/ Relevant sections of NI Act for having protections for making payment/ Relevant sections of NI Act for avoidance of risk & liabilities ( Paying banker)/The definition of colleting banker/The conditions required for obtaining protections ( collecting bankers)
Case study
Case study on NI Act-1881 & subsequent solution.
Inland Bills & Remittance
Definitions & features of DD, PO,TT & MT/ Issuance of DD, PO,TT & MT / Payment of DD, PO,TT & MT/ Issuance of Duplicate DD & PO/ Difference between Cheque & Demand Draft/ Difference between PO & DD/ Common irregularities in local remittance/ General remedies in local remittance/ Precautions to be taken in local remittance.
Operational procedures & rules of BACH/ 4 projects of BACH implementation (BACPS, BEFTN, NPS & RTGS)/ MICH cheque details / Collection of cheque- inward & outward clearing/ BACH agenda & returns/ The responsibility of presenting & payee bank in BACH/ Presentment, settlement & time limitations/ Return & return reasons/ Precautionary measures against fraud/ forgery cheque.
Vault & Cash Management
Definition &features of cash/function of cash department /-accounting procedure of cash remittance vault maintenance/ shortage & surplus cash management/ Security features of a bank note/ Insurance limits/Checking points for cheque payment/ Disposal of soiled & mutilated notes/ lodgement of keys & duplicate keys.
Money Laundering Prevention Act, 2012 ( with amendments in 2015)
Title & commencement/Definitions/Offences & penalty/ Powers of Bangladesh Bank/ Responsibilities of reporting organizations/Mutual legal co-operation/ General provisions.
Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing & ML Reporting
A short focus on three stages of development of money laundering (Layering, structuring & integration)/General focus on all the circulars/circular letters/Ordinance/acts/ List of predicate offence/ terrorist activities & reporting authorities/ CTR & STR reporting/A special focus on the issues ( PEPs,Power of Bangladesh Bank & Responsibility of Bank officials & Board of Directors)/ Independent Testing Procedures/ CTR analysis & monitoring of structuring/STR indicators/ STR reporting process.

MODULE 4 : Loans & advances

Credit Policy
General policy guidelines/Business Focus guidelines. Sectoral lending cap/Credit portfolio mix /General facility parameters/ Loan product & service range. Credit risk assessment & grading/Organizational structure: segregation of duties/ Credit Approval process & authority/Loan pricing.
Credit Products
Loan categorization on the basis of purpose/ Loan categorization on the basis of time involved/ Loan categorization on the basis of fund involved/ Loan categorization of the basis of work force & capital invested/ Loan categorization on the basis of CL practice/ Loan categorization on the basis of sector & borrower segment.
Micro & Macro Aspects of Credit: Principles of Sound Lending
Safety, security, liquidity, purpose, profitability. (5Cs): Character, capacity, Capital, Collateral & conditions.
Credit Risk Grading : Computation and Analysis
Eight credit grading, respective score range & their implications/Five risk categories and their respective score./Analysis of all the judging criteria under the main five risks ( Financial/Industry& Business, management, security & relationship)/ CRG & credit decision.
Case study on CRG
Practical demonstration of score through finding out the five risks judged by different parameters
Working Capital Assessment
Concept, purpose & variations/Importance of working capital/ Dangers of excessive working capital and inadequate working capital/ Terms analysis: Tied up period, gross vs net working capital, Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC) /Meaning, phases & influencing factors of operating cycle/Working capital assessment for a trading concern/Working Capital assessment for a manufacturing concern/Fixing up TOR (Terms of Reference) for working capital financing.
Project Financing
Concept of project/ Financial viability ( cost of project, means of financing, cost of production and profitability, cash generation and debt service coverage ratio, break –even analysis)/Fixing up TOR (Terms of Reference) for project financing/Term loan eligibility based on security, regulatory & legal aspects.
Lease financing & factoring
Concept of leasing & factoring/Fixing up TOR (Terms of Reference) for leasing financing & factoring/ Eligibility based on security, regulatory & legal aspects.
Work order financing
Conceptual framework /Modus of operandi/Financing Parameters/ Fixing up TOR (Terms of Reference) for work order financing/ Eligibility study based on security, regulatory & legal aspects.
Bank Guarantee
Definition/ Parties to a bank guarantee/Types of bank guarantee (Bid, PG, APG etc)/ Format/ structure study ( Preamble, guarantee clause , duration of a guarantee etc)/ Issuance procedure of guarantee/ - Issuance of guarantee against counter guarantee of International Banks/ Lodgment of claim/Termination of guarantee.
Loan Classification & provisioning
Classification of loans /Objective criteria and qualitative judgements / Accounting of the interest of classified loans/Basis for provision/Eligible securities and the determination of their market value/ Rules governing maintenance of provision.
Rescheduling & write off
Definition of debt rescheduling/ Purposes of rescheduling/ Cases of rescheduling/Modes of rescheduling/Post rescheduling requirements/Impact of rescheduling in loan portfolio/Write-off in banking. Accounting of write-off/ Impact of write-off in loan portfolio.
Credit securitization
Need of security/Types of security/Valuation of security/ Features of a good security/Variation of security on the basis of mode of advance/Control over security/Perfection of security.
Mode of charging of securities
What is a charge?/Classification of charge/ The variables for charging over securities/ The common methods of charging securities ( Pledge, hypothecation, mortgage, lien, assignment, set-off)/ Legal aspects of charging over securities.
What is documentation? Steps of documentation/ General guideline for documentation/Constituents of defective title/Legal opinion from the lawyer/ Stamping of documents/Registration of the documents/ Safekeeping of documents.
Security Documents
Identification of Security documents: Title Deed, Bia Deeds, CS, RS, SA, BS Parcha & Khotians, Seperation, Mutation, Order Sheet & DCR, Non-Encumbrance Certificate, Special certificate / NOC etc.
Management of Non-performing loans
Factors that cause non-performing loans/Impact of risk management on non-performing loans/Non-performing loans recovery strategies/Impact of recovery on loan portfolio/Capital flight, loan concentration and non performing loans
Legal Aspects
The Transfer of Properties Act, 1882 with reference to Mortgage / Stamp Act, 1899 (with amendments).
Legal Aspects
• Limitation Act, 1908 • Aurtho Rin Adalot Ain -2003 – An overview.
SME Banking
Objectives of SME loan/Area /cluster approach/ Indifferent definition of small & medium enterprise sector/Industry overview/Product profiles/Features of different SME loans/Different statements/Common irregularities
Different credit products of consumer finance department
Objectives of Consumer financing & target group/ Product profiles/Features of the products/Prudential guidelines/Problems, prospects & competitive edge/ Common irregularities
Credit Card
Concept of Plastic money/Type of plastic money (ATM, Credit, debit, prepaid, smart cards).Brand (VISA/ Master) features of credit cards. Fixation of credit card limit/Eligibility criteria. Application procedure/ Bangladesh Bank’s rule for international card
CIB Process and Reporting
Inquiry forms & undertaking/Preparation of CIB statement/ Error in preparation & remedies of errors for CIB statements/Database amendment & drop-out list/ Reporting: Online reporting & software/Wrong reporting & its consequences
Preliminary concepts of insurance ( peril, hazards, event, accident & loss)/Needs of insurance in banking industry/ Types of insurance policies/ Different types of risks involved in banking practices /Different types of perils covered in the insurance policies.
I-stellar operations in Loans & Advances
Module, sub-module & command study of i-stelar related to Credit operations/Common irregularities in execution of instruction/Trouble shooting/Data backup, recovery of data & MIS
Final evaluation on Loans & Advances
Examination on knowledge of loans & Advances from all fronts: BA (Broad question)/ SA (Short question)/ CQ (Creative question)/MCQ (Multiple Choice Question)/TF (True/ False) statement/FB (Fill in the Blanks)/IT (Interpretation of Terms)/SM (Simple Mathematics)

MODULE 5 : The Winner’s Manual (Soft Skill Development)

Importance of Customer Service in Bank
Concept of customer service/importance of customer service in banking industry/different dimensions of customer service/techniques for development of customer service/how to handle customers efficiently?
Time and Stress Management
Definition, types, essentials of time management/Definition, types, essentials of stress management/ Connection between time management & stress management/Ways for better time & less stress.
What is leadership? Types of leadership/Importance of leadership in the workplace/Characteristics of effective leadership/Teaching from great leaders/Difference between a boss and a leader/Difference between a manager & a leader/Leading & Management.
Emotional intelligence
Emotional intelligence in management/Components of emotional intelligence/Analysis of the impact of emotion at the workplace/EQ/Application of EQ at workplace/Improving EQ.
Business Correspondence in English
Structural analysis of a good business letter/ rules of good business correspondence/ correspondence in GB/ Correspondence in Credit/ Correspondence in Foreign Exchange.
Improving proficiency in English
Techniques for improvement of vocabulary / word choice / sentence structure / rules of rejection/ rules of acceptance/ rules for preference.

MODULE 6 : Foreign Trade & Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange Regulation Act -1947
Purpose of FER Act,1947/Title & extent/Acts in Foreign Exchange/Restrictions on dealing on foreign exchange, agent, import export, foreign companies/Power to call for information, power of inspection/power to government to give direction, powers to make rules/Blocked accounts/Payment for exported goods/False statement/Grant of immunity in certain cases/Penalty & procedures/Tribunal & its power/Bar of legal proceedings.
Export Policy & Import Policy Order
Objectives, strategy, application & scope/ General rules and regulations related to the export of Products/Steps towards export diversification/ General export facilities. Product specific export facilities/ Service export/ Different steps towards export promotion.
Objectives of import policy/General conditions of import of goods. Import procedures/Import restricted items. HS code/Import for re-export, Entre-port (Ontrapo)/ Pre-shipment inspection/Source of finance of import/Other important features of import policy.
Basics of Foreign Trade & Exchange -
Importance of international trade. - Different types of International Trade methods. - Measures of international trade. - Foreign currency exchange. - Determination of foreign exchange rate - Types of transactions & foreign exchange markets. - The role of central bank & intervention.
Applicability/Definitions & interpretations of different terms used in the UCPDC-600/Study of differences ( credits vs contracts; documents vs goods, services & performances; etc)/Responsibility & obligation of different banks involved in documentary credit/ Types of documents (Shipping documents, transport documents, insurance documents)/ Discrepancy of documents, effectiveness of documents and standard for examination of documents/Credit, amendment of credit, credit transfer, advising of credit, tolerance in credit amount
Documentary Letter of credit (a general view)
Definition/Types of L/C: Sight, Usance including UPAS, Suppliers credit/Cheek list before opening L/C/ Parties to L/C & their responsibilities/Required documents for opening L/C/L/C Opening procedure/ Operation Mechanism/Amendments to L/C/Other Issues
Import Bills scrutiny, lodgement & retirement
Introduction/Scrutiny of bill of exchange/Scrutiny of invoices/Scrutiny of the insurance/Scrutiny of the bill of lading/Scrutiny of certificate of Origin/Consular invoice/Scrutiny of other documents/ Steps for lodgement/Steps for retirement/Maintenance of register
Import Financing
Types & importance of import financing/PAD (Payment Against Documents)/LIM (Loan Against Imported Merchandise)/LTR (Loan against Trust Receipt)/Modus of operandi & financing parameters.
Export Procedure
Registration procedures/Pre-shipment procedures/ Shipment procedures/Realizing export incentives/Post-shipment procedures
Examination and Negotiation of Export documents.
List of export documents/Check list for scrutiny of documents (Export L/C, Bill Of Exchange, Invoice, Insurance, Bill Of Lading Certificate Of Origin ,Other Documents)/Common Discrepancies Check List/ Collection & negotiation : process description/Other issues
Export Financing
Conceptual frame work of export financing/Importance of export financing /Modus of operandi/Mode of finance: Pre-shipment & Post-shipment (emphasis on BTB L/C, Packing Credit, FDBP& LDBP)/Financing parameters/Export Development Fund/Export failure & stock lot management/Maintenance of export register
Inward & outward foreign remittance
Coverage of inward foreign remittance/Sources of inward remittance/Declaration on form C /Declaration on form FMJ .Modes of foreign inward remittance/Operational procedure/Areas of restriction/ Reporting of remittance/Types of outward remittances / Features of private remittance, /Features of official- business remittance /Features of Commercial remittance/Operational procedure/Areas of restriction/Reporting of remittance
Incoterms- 2010
Definition/Back ground/Purpose/Change in incoterms (2010) / Different groups of incoterms/Obligation sets of sellers & buyers/Implication and uses of incoterms.
Transport documents
Meaning of transport documents/Features of transport documents/Flow of transport documents/Contents of transport documents/Forms of transport documents/Characteristics of main transport documents/ Mode of transport & contract of carriage/Analysis of terms: shipment, partial shipment, transhipment, Consignor, consignee, notify party/Common discrepancies in respect of transport documents
Exchange Rate
What is an exchange rate ? Breaking down “ Exchange Rate”/ Determination of Exchange Rates – Spot – Cross – Forward/Different types of operational Exchange rates with exercise/Exchange rate policy
Agency Arrangements & ACU mechanism
Credit lines/Add Confirmations/NOSTRO, VOSTRO & LORO Accounts/Exchange Position/Reconciliation/ACU mechanism
URR-725,URC-522 For URR-725 :
General provisions and definitions/Liabilities and responsibilities/Form and notification of authorization, amendments & claims/Miscellaneous provisions. For URC-522 : Application/Definition of collection/ Parties of collection/Collection instruction/Other provisions
URDG-758& ISBP-745
For URDG-758 : Demand guarantees and counter guarantees in a nutshell/The road to URDG-758/The URDG in nutshell/ The URDG in operation/URDG in the world/ A commentary on URDG 758. For ISBP-745 : Preliminary considerations/ General principles/Drafts and calculations of maturity date/Invoices/Transport documents/Insurance documents & coverage/Certificates of origin.
Foreign Exchange Operations in RMG
Financing, operation, incentives, problems, prospects of RMG industry with reference to documentary credit & export financing.
OBU Business
Operations, mode of finance , sets of restrictions, scope of expansion , coverage & focus of OBU business
Foreign Exchange Return to Bangladesh Bank
Returns for import, export & remittance/Terms analysis of schedules & statements/Online data management/EXP reporting/IMP reporting
I-stellar operations in Foreign Exchange Operations
Module, sub-module & command study of i-stelar related to Forex operations/Common irregularities in execution of instruction/Trouble shooting/Data backup, recovery of data & MIS
Final evaluation on Foreign Trade & Foreign Exchange
Examination on knowledge of Foreign Trade & Foreign Exchange from all fronts: BA (Broad question)/ SA (Short question)/ CQ (Creative question)/MCQ (Multiple Choice Question)/TF (True/ False) statement/FB (Fill in the Blanks)/IT (Interpretation of Terms)/SM (Simple Mathematics)
Public speaking/ debate
Debate on pre-fixed topic

Module 7 : Islamic Banking

Principles of Islamic Banking
Prohibition of interest or usury/Ethical standards. Moral values/Social values/Liability & business risk
Principles and Deposit Products under Islamic Banking
Deposit product lines of Islamic banking/ (deposit accounts & deposit schemes /Principles of collecting deposit/Al-wadiah principle/ Mudaraba principle/ Quard principle/Features of deposit products/ Basis of differentiation from conventional banking ( Principle & utilization of fund)
Financing Products under Islamic Banking
Financing product lines of Islamic banking ( Fixed return base & variable return base)/ Specialty of investment products/Basis of differentiation from conventional banking ( Principle & utilization of fund)
Import & Export Financing under Islamic Banking
Import procedures through L/C/Islamic viewpoint about L/C/Opening procedures of L/C in Islamic banking/ Import financing under Bai-murabaha at post import stage/ Import financing under TR on Bai-Muajjal/ Import investment under musharakha/ Pre-shipment investment under Musharakah/ Pre-shipment investment under Bai-salam/Post shipment investment under Musharakha.

Module 8 : Internal Control & Compliance

Internal Control & Compliance in Bank
Definition &objectives of internal control/Policy guidelines for internal control/Risk assessment and management/Audit planning, development, procedure, team formation and reporting/Regulatory compliance & compliance process/Monitoring activities, corrective measures & internal control process/ Shariah audit & IT audit.
Common Irregularities in General Banking
Lapses in account opening/Lapses in account opening documentation/Lapses in cheque payment/Lapses in inventory control/Lapses in recording keeping/Lapses in coding & reporting/Lapses in Cash Management
Common Irregularities in Loans & Advances
Lapses in risk assessment/Lapse in loan documentation. Lapses in valuation of security/Lapses in fulfillment of covenants/Lapses in requirement.
Common Irregularities in Foreign Exchange Operations
Lapses in forex transactions/Lapses in documentation/ Violation of export policy/Violation of import policy order /Deviation from FERA,1947/ -Deviation from instruction specified in GFET : -Volume 1 & volume 2
Prevention of Fraud Forgery in Banks
Conceptual framework of fraud & forgery/diagnosis technique of fraud & forgery/ early alert system against fraud and forgery / prevention mechanism against fraud &forgery.

Module 9 : Financial Inclusion

Overview of Agent Banking
Financial inclusion and agent banking/Restriction and limit guideline imposed by Bangladesh Bank/Modus of operandi of agent banking/Product and service range of agent banking/ Functional jurisdiction and code of conduct for an agent/Role & responsibilities of an ARO/Payment gateway and agent banking/CBS , role of IT & agent banking/Problems & prospects of agent banking.
Islamic Agent Banking operations
Modus of operandi, product & service coverage , features of products under Islamic agent banking.
EBEK Operation and Social Safety Payment
Financial inclusion and social safety payment/ Prudential guidelines/Modus of operandi of EBEK operations/Role & responsibilities of an ARO/Payment gateway and Social safety Payment/CBS, role of IT & EBEK operations.
Alternative Delivery Channel
The Concept of ADC/The range of products & services of ADC department/The importance & potentiality of ADC in Bangladesh/Debit card operation, captured card management/Internet banking, SMS banking, SMS alert service/ATM & POS information, settlement of transaction disputes/Contact center/Process of E-commerce transaction.

MODULE 10 : Risk Management & Others

Risk Management in Banks
Overview of banking risk/Fundamental of risk management & Regulatory environment of risk management (International and local)
Risk Management in Banks
Residual risk management under Basel-III
Asset–liability management & Treasury functions
GoalObjectives/Organizational structure/ Implementation of strategies /Liquidity management Interest rate risk/Funding plan/Managing mismatch Other ALM issues.
Green Banking & Corporate Social Responsibility
For green banking : Conceptual & regulatory frame work/Initiatives : private/ national & global/Our policy adaptation & course of action/Environmental issues/CSR & green banking/Reporting of green banking
For CSR : CSR as value creation/CSR as risk management/CSR as corporate philanthropy/Purpose, impact & benefits of CSR/Ethics, CSR & Corporate behavior/Globalization on CSR.
Ethics in Banking
The meaning of ethics/The need of ethics in banking/Profit versus ethics : friend or foe ? Transition of ethics/Profit, time horizon & ethics
Concept/Component/Calculation mechanism

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