Maximizing Operational Efficiency for BPOs training centre in Bangladesh


Maximizing Operational Efficiency for BPOs


The program has been developed in participation with different award winning global companies who provides and conduct various training session on BPOs and provide management consultancy. The program will help the managers of BPOs to move towards a step closure in building self-capabilities for establishing excellence in BPO industry through driving people effectively and efficiently, simplify the process and achieve optimal performance through taking the right decisions in right time. This is primarily an operational management program for BPOs whereby the managers will get insight of superiority in role, team management, handling individuals and managing business as usual operations of the call center.

how participant will benefit after course
After completing the session participants will be enabled with the appropriate techniques and mindsets whereby they will be able to take the right decisions on right time and utilize the right set of resources. The program will positively influence the BPO key performance indicator like productivity, client satisfaction score, error reduction, employee engagement, reduction in lost hour.


• Class room training with PowerPoint presentation • Cases Study • Group Study

Contents of Training:

1. Introduction
a. Business Model
b. Managers Responsibility

2. Operational Benchmark
a. KPI Driven Approach
b. Performance Measurement
c. Performance Analysis
d. Performance Management
e. Workforce Management
f. Quality Control

3. Treat everyone individually
a. Team Members Portrait
b. Coaching
c. Training
d. Performance Analysis
e. Motivational Techniques
f. People development
g. Absenteeism
h. Attrition
i. Hiring
j. Incentive Management

4. Be in a collaborative fashion
a. Team Management
b. Incentive Management

5. Managers’ Job a. Understanding Financial Impact
b. Continuity Management
c. Customer Centricity
d. Policies and Procedure
e. Inter Departmental Interaction

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Target audiences of this program are primarily the BPO managers and Call Centre Managers
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.