Art of Pharmaceutical Sales training centre in Bangladesh


Art of Pharmaceutical Sales


The current pharmaceutical industry in Bangladesh is more competitive than ever. Pharmaceutical companies always look for excellent sales people which is a rare find. Because selling skills are natural for only some people. They tend to know what customers would like in products and have an intuitive insight on what they expect to hear from a sales man. Selling is not only telling, it’s more than that – an art! When it comes to pharmaceutical sales this is specially true, since the health care market is a very particular one, continuously changing and updating with new regulations and products. People can be trained to have good selling skills, all it takes is the will to learn, a can do attitude and a good training program.

How participants will benefit after the course:
• After being enrolled in the course Participants will know about pharma market and their importance in this market

• Core competency of a sales person

• Effective selling steps

• How to incorporate selling steps effectively while detailing to doctor

• Post call analysis as a mean of day to days improvement in detailing

• Types of customers objection and how to handle those

• How to make a successful sales plan



Contents of Training:

First session
• An overview of pharmaceutical industry and market
• Sales promotion – the concept
• Sales force objectives and strategy in the perspective of pharma industry
• Group work
• Core competency of a pharmaceutical sales person

Second session
• Detailing demo
• Precall analysis
• Effective selling steps
• How to open the call
• Question/answer and wrap up

Third session
• Exploring and need identification of customer
• Exercise on closed and open ended questions
• Satisfying and closing the call
• Managing objections
• Exercise on identifying objections

Fourth session
• practice incorporating all the steps of a sales call
• Exercise and Post call analysis
• Detailing presentation on making a sales plan
• Gap analysis and discussion on effective sales plan
• Question/answer and closing

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Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.