Human Resource Management (HRM) leading to Organization Development (OD) training centre in Bangladesh


Human Resource Management (HRM) leading to Organization Development (OD)


Human Resource Management (HRM) plays to support sustainable organization development by controlling and managing valuable resources including employees of the organization. The concept of sustainable organization development is absolutely vital and important requirement to survive the competition in the current financial era. This course would explain that sustainable development could enable organizations to overcome current market problems as well as achieve their goals. The course proposes that HRM can play a crucial role in developing strategic leadership and management capabilities and thus promote economic, social and environmental forms of sustainable development. BDJOBS TRAINING, after a careful consideration has developed the course for the people related with Human Resources and Organizational Development, so that they would be more effective in taking their organization towards the organizational sustainability, and also ensure organizational effectiveness in this competitive corporate and/or business world.

Learning from the Course

* Processes of Human Resource Management (HRM) and Organizational Development (OD)
* Importance & Context of Human Resource Management
* How a better HR Management ensures organizational effectiveness & development
* Performance Management, HRM & OD
* Building a better work place
* Art of Professionalism
* Effectiveness of Leadership & Teambuilding in HRM and Organizational Development, and
* Importance of Organizational Communication.


Methodology/process of the Workshop would be highly participatory through open discussion, group works & team exercise and also with visualization.

Contents of Training:

The course would begin through reaping the idea/perception of the participants on Human Resource Management and Organizational Development and their relationship. This part would be conducted through a group work.

Session-1 (Overview on Human Resource Management and Organizational Development)

This segment of the session would provide the participants about vivid idea on human resource management relating to organizational development. It would also focus on links between Human Resource Management (HRM) & Organizational Development (OD) along with the definitions of HRM & OD.

Session-2 (The Importance & Organizational context of Human Resource Management)

The session would focus on the importance and organizational context of HRM and also how it impacts on the organizational development.

Session-3 (Qualities of HR Managers)

This session would focus on the qualities (must have) a Human Resource Manager.

Session-4 (Process, Strategies, Steps of HRM)

Each organization works towards the realization of one vision e.g. organizational development through Human Resource Management. The same is achieved by formulation of certain strategies and execution of the same, which is done by the HR department. At the base of this strategy formulation lie various processes and the effectiveness of the former lies in the meticulous design of these processes. This session would introduce these processes, strategies and steps of HRM.

Session-5 (Human Resource Development and Organizational Development)

Organizational Development had become very popular before eighties and currently it has created a strong link with Human Resource Development. But, it is an undeniable fact that the HRD professionals did not acquire necessary/effective competencies as OD facilitators. This segment of the workshop would deal with the importance of organizational development through human resource development.

Session-6 (Strategic HRM, Planning & Organizational Effectiveness)

Strategic Human Resource Management (HRM) requires an effective planning, which ultimately leads to organizational development, effectiveness & efficiency. This session would address these issues for the participants.

Session-7 (Performance Management and HRD & OD)

Performance Management is a crux and/or core of an organizational & human resource development. This session would focus on these issues so as to empower the participants` in human resource management and organizational development/effectiveness.

Session-8 (Importance of Organizational Communication)

Communication is a very important factor in everyday life and organizational communication is equally important for its overall development, as it helps to gain compliance of all within the organization; it helps in leading, motivating & activating individuals/teams; sense making against actions decisions; problem solving & decision making, and conflict management, negotiation & bargaining. All these factors would be addressed in this session.

Session-9 (Building a Better Work Place)

A better work place ensures human resource & organizational development/effectiveness and this session would deal with the factors for building a better work place.

Session-10 (Moral, Ethics, Core Values & Competences)

These traits are very essential elements for Human Resource Development, which would ultimately lead towards the Organizational Development. This session would focus on these traits for HRM & OD.

Session-11 (Meaningful Leadership)

Leadership is indivisible element for any organizational development. This session would deal with types of leadership, leadership traits, leader & manager and all other aspects of Leadership.

Session-12 (Effective Team Building)

Team Building is also an inseparable element, as Leadership, for development of any organization and also the efficiency & effectiveness of the Human Resources. This session would deal with different aspects of a team along with conflict resolution in a team, which is a very important part of HRM.

Please Note: This is not an exhaustive list of the course process. Some more could be added along with practical sessions during the 2 day intervention.

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Human Resource
The professionals engaged in Human Resource Management and Organizational Development; mid-level managers of any organization, especially the corporate entities, and also the persons involved in HRM & Organizational Development (OD) of the national & international development organizations. The course would also provide effective support to the persons, who want to build their career in HRM & OD.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.