Advanced Certificate Course on Bank Management training centre in Bangladesh

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Advanced Certificate Course on Bank Management


The banking profession, today, is a nice career for all students from the commerce, economics, and accounts domain. For beginners, it’s the first step to understand the global economy, discover marketplace challenges, and identify themselves with a rewarding career which provides them tremendous opportunities, both nationally and internationally.

1. Get an overview of operations of banks
2. Understand monogram of banks
3. Identify products and customers of a bank/NBFI and understand sales and relationship management in banking industry
4. Gain practical financial analysis skills needed for credit approval
5. Gain understanding of banking rules and regulations in Bangladesh
6. Understand credit risk, operational risks and market risk management for banks
7. Understand international trade – import and export related activities of a bank
8. Gain essential administrative, team management, meeting and presentation skills
9. Language and communication skills for banking professionals – introduction to financial English
10. Go global – know about international qualifications and scope of professional qualifications for finance professionals



Contents of Training:

INTRO : Financial system & Banks :

Overview of financial system on Bangladesh.

MODULE-1 : General Banking :

Deposit Products, Opening of different Types of accounts, Operation and Closing of Different Types of Accounts, Cheques, Crossing and Endorsement, Collecting and Paying Banker, BACH, BEFTN & RTGS, Cash Management, Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing & ML Reporting,

MODULE-2: Relevant Laws :

The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881, Contract Act, 1872, Partnership Act, 1932, Money Laundering Prevention Act, 2012 ( with amendments in 2015) & Others laws

MODULE-3 : Loans & Advances :

Credit Policy, Credit Products, Micro & Macro Aspects of Credit: Principles of Sound Lending, Credit Apprisal, Credit Risk Grading, Working Capital Assessment, Project Financing, Lease financing, factoring, Work order financing, Bank Guarantee, Loan Classification & provisioning, Rescheduling & write off, Credit securitization, Mode of charging of securities and Security Documents, Management of Non-performing loans, SME Banking, Different credit products of consumer finance department, Credit Card

MODULE-4 : Foreign Trade & Foreign Exchange :

Basics of Foreign Trade & Exchange, Export Policy & Import Policy Order, UCPDC-600, Documentary Letter of credit (a general view), Import Financing, Export Procedure, Incoterms- 2010, Transport documents

MODULE-5: Islamic Banking :

Principles of Islamic Banking, Prohibition of interest or usury, Principles and Deposit Products under Islamic Banking, Financing Products under Islamic Banking.

MODULE-6 : Other related topics :

Internal Control & Compliance in Banks, Prevention of Fraud Forgery in Banks, Financial Inclusion, Agent Banking, Alternative Delivery Channels, Information Technology in Banks, Risk Management in Banks, Basel-III, Green Banking Concept, Ethics in Banking, CAMELS Rating

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Get an overview of operations of banks.

This course is designed for the business graduates who are interested to start their career in banks and other financial institutions and also existing banker