Certificate Course on Basic Financial Analysis training centre in Bangladesh

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Certificate Course on Basic Financial Analysis


Finance is an important functional area. In the growing Financial Services industry employees are hired from science, social sciences or humanities backgrounds. Unless they are trained up, they cannot function satisfactorily and will fall behind or even lose their jobs. Therefore, there is a need for a course which will allow employees to upgrade themselves professionally and pursue further studies. <

Benefits Participants will get an appreciation of the meaning and role of Finance & Accounting and how these fit into daily operations, MIS, planning, control and strategy formulation. Executives will be intelligent users of financial data. They will be able to interact with top management and other stakeholders effectively. Managers will be able to make or, provide inputs to, financial plans, interpret financial results and take corrective actions.

How participants will benefit after training Participants will be able to:
(a) understand accounting entries and their ultimate impact at end of period
(b) understand and interpret the statement of affairs and statement of comprehensive income
(c) understand and track common types of product or service costs
(d) value stocks and bonds listed on the stock exchange
(e) give inputs to capital budgeting or acquisition exercises
(f) draw up a rudimentary cash budget for a section, department, or division, &
(g) carry out ratio analysis to analyse a borrower or investee.


There is a need for a course which will allow employees to upgrade themselves professionally and pursue further studies.

Contents of Training:

Session 1:
(a) Accounting Equation
(b) Types of financial statements & their relationship
(c) Journal & Adjusting Entries
(d) Trial balance

Session 02
(e) Basic cost concepts
(f) Time value of money

Session 03
(g) Discounting & Compunding
(h) Valuation methods (NPV & IRR)
(i) Valuaing stocks & Bonds

Session 04
(j) Cash budgets
(k) Ratio analysis

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High-potential young executives serving in accounting / finance areas or financial institutions without formal accounting or finance education.