Training on Team building & Group dynamism training centre in Bangladesh

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Training on Team building & Group dynamism


The training on team building & group dynamism has been designed for the team members and team leader or managers for the corporate and development sectors. The various training methods in terms of game, exercise, simulations are used in the training. Hope, the combined efforts of the Trainer and the participants would make the training course a successful one

How participants will benefit after course:

• Identify the key factors of a team
• Explain the individual role in a team
• Identification of a team blocker in a team
• Analyze the feedback receiving and giving technique
• Compare the do’s and don’t in a high performing team.


Brain storming,Buzz group discussion,Power point presentation,Role play,Case study,Video clip show,Mobile plenary,In basket,Simulation,Gallery technique,Fish bowl.

Contents of Training:

DAY - 01

• Welcome address, registration, getting to know each other (Who am I?),
• Expected performance: Satisfaction and dissatisfaction at our work place (Systemic and behavior )
• Team concept: Importance,
• Elements, key factors, and principles
• Key success of a team
• Role in a Team: Socio gram
• Stages of team development: 4 stages of team building,
• Group cohesion and group growth
• Team synergy
• Attitude and motivational strategies
• Intimacy development for work-together (learning sharing)
• Eight attributes of high performing team: Agreed norms, values, and behavior
• Individual role in a team and identification of a team members role
• Day closing.

DAY - 02

• Morning reflection, & Review the session
• Identification of team blocker and its effect in a team: A case
• Win as much you can: Team Exercise
• Leader selection and resource distribution in a team: Coin distribution
• Role evaluation in team: An exercise with format
• Self-disclosure and self-analysis: Johari’s windows and self-rectification, feedback ‘receiving and giving’ techniques in a team
• Do’s and don’ts for high performing team
• Inspiring Team: A story of Lamp
• Review, Reflection and Closing.

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Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.