Implementation of 5S Program training centre in Bangladesh

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Implementation of 5S Program


The 5S training will help participants with implementing a very important, yet the simplest, lean manufacturing tool.

The 5S Methodology is a way to organize the workplace to turn it into a safer, ergonomic, and more efficient environment through organizing the layout and introducing visual management and standard ways of working.

5S is a team approach and requires the participation of everyone within the area in which is applied to be effective.

After completion of the 5S training, the participants will have a clear understanding of the different steps of 5S implementation.

Step 1: Seiri, or Sort
Step 2: Seiton, or Set in Order
Step 3: Seiso, or Shine
Step 4: Seiketsu, or Standardize
Step 5: Shitsuke, or Sustain

The end result of the training would be:
- Removal of waste & clutter,
- Creating orderliness and cleanliness
- Making it possible to maintain it this way


Interactive Training and Workshop Based

Contents of Training:

Session 1: Introduction to 5S
• Understanding Visual Management and Visual Workplace
• Visual Management Techniques
• The Idea Behind 5S
• What is 5S
• How 5S Relates to Manufacturing/Operational Excellence
• The 5 principles of 5S

Session 2: Learning 5S
• Step 1: Seiri – Sort
• Importance of Red Tag Zone
• Step 2: Seiton – Set in Order
• Understanding how to Set things in Order in a Workplace
• Workshop on Sorting and Setting in Order (30 Minutes + 10 Minutes for presentation)
• Step 3: Seiso – Shine
• The purpose of cleaning and shining

Session 3: Learning 5S (Continued)
• Step 4: Seiketsu – Standardize
• Visual Matrices and their importance
• Why OPLs are Important
• Step 5: Shitsuke – Sustain
• 5S Audits and how to conduct them
• Workshop on Familiarization with all the Elements of 5S (15 minutes)

Session 4: Challenges of 5S Implementation
• Planning for 5S Implementation
• Different Challenges of 5S
• Workshop on Brainstorming to generate ideas to overcome challenges of 5S implementation (30 minutes + 15 minutes for presentation)
• Breakdown of the Challenges and way forward
• 5S vs 5D
• Tips and Tricks

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Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.