Organizational Leadership at 21st Century training centre in Bangladesh


Organizational Leadership at 21st Century


Training Objective
To share the theoretical and practical knowledge on the modern organizational leadership, so that the participants can enrich their knowledge, improve required leadership skills and better attitudes reflecting smart leadership in the organization.

Expected Training Outcomes
After the completion of the session, participants will be able to:
- Know the basic concept and differentiation among manager, leader and managerial leadership concept
- Understand traditional and modern leadership theories and realities
- Become capable of being authentic, confident and smart leaders
- Developing skills on Time Management, Stress Management, Communication, Team Building and Staffs Development.
- Identify the way of managing people diversity at workplace
- Get real-life experience sharing on leadership challenges and possible resolutions
- Get a complete overview of success and failure factors of leadership


Activity based real life demonstration; Games; Related audio-video visuals; Role play; Group Activity

Contents of Training:

Conceptual differentiation among the Manager, Leader and Managerial Leader
o Distinctive attributes and roles of the organizational leaders
o Competencies at 21st-century Leadership
o Roles of Interpersonal Communication in Leadership excellence
o Key elements of Leadership
o Personal Leadership Matrix
o Levels of Leadership

Classical and Modern Leadership Theories and Realities
o Different leadership theories and realities:
# Great Man Theory,
# Situational Theory,
# Behavioural Theory,
# Path Goal Theory,
# Goal Setting Theory,
# Leader-Member exchange Theory,
# Hersey-Blanchard Situational Theory
o Leadership Patterns and various dimensions of those styles:
# Shared
# Visionary,
# Charishmatic,
# Transactional,
# Transformational
o Leadership Grid/Matrix
How would an Authentic Leader differ from the rest
o Different Functional dimensions and responsibilities
o An outline of distinctive each and every valuable human interaction
o A.B.C.D.E skills of leadership
o A.B.C.D behavioural model
o Managing human diversity in Leadership: Challenges and Opportunities
o My Life Tree

Success and Failure factors of Leadership
o Understanding the characteristics of different generations
o Ethical dimensions of leadership
o Leadership type indicators
o To become a Great Boss
o Responsible factors for the success and failure of leadership
o Diversity and Inclusion

Influencing Capacity Development
o Choose your smart vision and connect with the benefits for others
o Know the rules of persuasion
o Become heart winning Role Model
o Think and work for others

Leadership Competencies
o Time Management-
 The Eishenhower matrix for productive time management in leadership
 ABC Analysis
 Tips for Time Management

o Communication Skills-
 Powerful words used in successful leaders
 Understanding different communication style
 Basic Communication principles
 7 c`s of Communication
 SMART Communication Strategies

o Team Building Skills
 Different phases of Team Management
 Focus on your role as a leader
 Heart opener, mind opener and frame
 Helpful expressions and words
o Stress Management
 The sources and symptoms of Stress
 Impact of Stress on holistic life style of leaders
 How to deal with Stressors- Pre Actions, Response and Post Actions
o Staff Development Skills
 Need Assessment, Individual Skills Development Plan
 Teaching, Training, Coaching, Mentoring and Counselling
 Performance Management
 Staff Engagement

Habits of success leaders
o Seven habits diagram of success leader
o Habits of success leaders around the world

Leadership in Change Management
o Resistant of change and sources of resistant
o Models of change management
o How to manage smooth organizational change
o Be a change agent

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• Office Managers
• Coordinators
• Supervisors
• Team Leaders
• Senior Secretaries
• Project Managers
• New leaders
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.