Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Course training centre in Bangladesh


Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Course


The overarching learning objective of this course is to develop a comprehensive set of skills that will allow you to function effectively as a Six Sigma/Lean practitioner, as well as prepare your for Black Belt Exam. The Black Belt body of knowledge includes techniques for both quantitative and non-quantitative analysis, as well as the team leadership skills necessary to get projects across the goal line.

After completing this course, you should be able to DO the following:
Communicate using Six Sigma concepts.
Think about your organization as a collection of processes, with inputs that determine the output.
Relate Six Sigma concepts to the overall business mission and objectives.
Use the concept of a sigma level to evaluate the capability of a process or organization.
Understand and apply the five-step DMAIC model as a framework to organize process improvement activity.
Employ a wide range of process improvement techniques, including design of experiments, within the DMAIC model.
Recognize the organizational factors that are necessary groundwork for a successful Six Sigma effort.
Employ your Six Sigma skills to lead a successful process improvement project and deliver meaningful results to the organization.

Why you should Attend the course?
# Learning of tools of six sigma step by step in DMAIC approach.
# Knowledge sharing with other six sigma practitioners
# Practice tools with Minitab statistical software.
# Get prepared for Six Sigma Black Belt certification exam, especially for ASQ which is recognized as top among certification provider bodies.
# Get certification from the institute upon completion of 1 project and passing a test.
# Assessment of knowledge through quiz after each class


PPT demonstration, reference book walk through, practice exams & discussions, etc.

Contents of Training:

1. Introduction
# What is Six Sigma? Input/Output (X and Y) Relationship
# Six Sigma and Lean Enterprise
# Defects Per Million Opportunities Metric (DPMO)
# Success Stories
# Six Sigma History
# DMAIC Process
# Thought Process Mapping
# Six Sigma Organizational Structure
# Role of the Black Belt

2. Define I ** Prioritize
# Process Thinking
# Process Mapping
# Flow Charts, Value-Added Flow Charts, Deployment Flow Charts
# Spaghetti Diagrams
# Value Stream Mapping (Takt Time, Line Balancing)
# Balanced Scorecard
# Pareto Chart
# Project Selection
# Project Charter
# Project Tracking ** Gantt Chart
# Stakeholder Analysis

3. Define II ** Voice of the Customer
# Customer Satisfaction & Kano Model
# Sample Surveys
# Survey Construction
# Margin of Error
# Affinity Diagrams
# CTQC Tree Diagrams, Critical to Quality Characteristics (CTQCs)
# Setting Specifications
# Quality Function Deployment
# Operational Definition

4. Measure I
# Variable and Attribute Data
# Sampling Plan
# Measurement System Analysis
# Data Collection ** Check Sheet
# Benchmarking
# Baseline DPMO & Sigma Conversion
# Rolled Throughput Yield
# Exercises and Quiz

5. Measure II
# Trend Chart
# Histograms
# Measuring Process Variability
# Statistical Process Control
# Rational Subgrouping
# X and Moving Range Control Charts
# Attribute Control Charts
# X-bar and R Control Charts

6. Analyze I ** Potential Root Cause
# Cause and Effect Diagrams (Fishbone Charts)
# Five-Why, One-How
# Scatter Plots
# Regression and Correlation Analysis
# Multiple Regression
# Logistic Regression
# Exercises and Quiz

7. Analyze II ** Hypothesis Testing
# Introduction to Hypothesis Testing
# Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Testing
# Comparison of Two Treatments: Z-test, F-Test, t-test
# Comparison of Multiple Treatments ** ANOVA, Chi-Square for Multiple Proportions
# Comparison of Variances ** Chi-Square Test
# Non-parametric Testing

8. Analyze III ** Design of Experiments
# Introduction to Design of Experiments
# Single Factor Experiments
# Full Factorial Experiments
# Fractional Factorial Experiments
# General Factorial Experiments
# Experiment Simulations
# Advanced Topics
# Exercises and Quiz

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