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Studies show that people remember less than 10% of information in a typical training session or presentation. Further, 80% of what they remember is lost within 30 days (if not reinforced). That translates into an average 2%retention rate after 30 days.

What if students/employees could retain up to 90% of your training content, with less time and less effort?

This program gives you access to practical tools, strategies, and Neuro-linguistic techniques that will make your training dynamic, engaging, and highly effective.

We show you how to optimize your training environment and training programs to achieve outstanding learning results.

The program focuses on practical, proven, leading-edge techniques and strategies, especially Neuro-Linguistic Programming technologies that both new and experienced trainers can use immediately with great success.

This training program will address the following three areas:

1. Delegates to this program will learn the skills, confidence, and structure to design and deliver classroom training
2. This includes assessing the training needs of the clients or sponsor sothat a fully customized training session is developed & delivered
3. Special attention is given to how adults learn, retain the crucialinformation & also apply with ease what they have learned when theyreturn to their work.

Learning Outcome
After completing this ‘Train the Trainer` training course, you will be able to:

# Decide on if it is a training issue or not
# Carry out ‘Training Needs Analysis`
# Develop & deliver an effective training intervention
# Use appropriate training mix & blended learning
# Evaluate the training effectiveness post training



Contents of Training:

Module 1: How adults learn?
Module 2: Learning styles & how to cater for them?
Module 3: Engagement Strategies for enhanced learning
Module 4: Training Needs Analysis (TNA) & course development
Module 5:Blended learning
Module 6: PowerPoint presentations
Module 7: How to field questions& manage rowdy delegates?
Module 8: Listening skills
Module 9: Brain-compatible training techniques
Module10: Presentation skills **Opening,body, closing & call to action
Module11: Managing the classroom/training room
Module12: Activity**group work, role-plays, simulation, assessments, videos,lectures, & demonstrations etc.
Module 13: Deadly mistakes trainers should avoid
Module14: Creating an optimumtraining environment (no matter where you train!)

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• Trainers with or without experience
• Training managers, supervisors or ‘On Job Coaches’
• Managers & Supervisors
• Those staff working in training institutes -directly or indirectly interacting with clients
• Also recommended for Leaders & executives of government or civil organizations who have training function as a competency in their work portfolios
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.