Advanced Transport Management Certificate Course training centre in Bangladesh

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Advanced Transport Management Certificate Course


Vehicle Fleet Management training is not an expense is an investment, experts say that a trained professional driver could cut the operational cost of running vehicle fleet by 35 to 40 per cent. A Proper fleet management system can help companies streamline and improve your entire operations in ways never imagined. On the other hand, poor or lack of training could lead to a continuation of poor practices and increase operational cost.

Benefits of the Training Course:

This certification is a formal way of establishing a professional reputation, a process for improving work performance and career advancement. Here are just a few ways you can benefit from this training:
• Improve managerial/technical competence
• Career advancement
• Establishing the professional foundation to form professional drivers
• Improve your job performance

Benefits to the Employer:

The real value of this certification is to improve performance and to reduce operational cost. Skills-Craft certification helps drivers do their jobs better, increases their productivity, reduce operational cost, improves the company’s fleet operations and makes the highways safer for the public.
The Strategic Transportation Management course aims to improve transport manager performance and productivity. Our training will help you run a cost effective transportation operations.



Contents of Training:

This training course will help you develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to:

• Increase professional acumen of transport/vehicle fleet manager
• Increase productivity and customer service
• Reduce vehicle accidents and employee’s injuries by 85%
• Reduce vehicle maintenance cost by 33%
• Through understanding of fleet operations?
• What is transportation policy?
• How to articulate transportation policy?
• What is a car pool?
• The challenges of transportation operations?
• The risk factors?
• Prescribe form for transportation operations
• Performance - management of staff member (drivers, dispatcher and mechanics)
• Maximize productivity using less resources
• Managing drivers
• Managing dispatch operations
• Managing special events, logistical issues and VIP visit
• Defensive/Safe Driving
• Accident investigation
• Managing customer expectations!
• VIP visit and logistical details
• What is a motorcade?
• Up country trip plan
• Setting up a standard operating procedure (SOP)
• Liability and waiver of liability
• Vehicle disposal
• Records keeping
• Controlling fuel consumption
• Motorcycle riders safety
• Driver recruitment program
• The Do’s and Don’ts for drivers
• Vehicle preventive maintenance program

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