Advanced Transport Management Certificate Course training centre in Bangladesh


Advanced Transport Management Certificate Course


Vehicle Fleet Management training is not an expense is an investment, experts say that a trained professional driver could cut the operational cost of running vehicle fleet by 35 to 40 per cent. A Proper fleet management system can help companies streamline and improve your entire operations in ways never imagined. On the other hand, poor or lack of training could lead to a continuation of poor practices and increase operational cost.

Benefits of the Training Course:

This certification is a formal way of establishing a professional reputation, a process for improving work performance and career advancement. Here are just a few ways you can benefit from this training:
# Improve managerial/technical competence
# Career advancement
# Establishing the professional foundation to form professional drivers
# Improve your job performance

Benefits to the Employer:

The real value of this certification is to improve performance and to reduce operational cost. Skills-Craft certification helps drivers do their jobs better, increases their productivity, reduce operational cost, improves the company`s fleet operations and makes the highways safer for the public.
The Strategic Transportation Management course aims to improve transport manager performance and productivity. Our training will help you run a cost effective transportation operations.



Contents of Training:

This training course will help you develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to:

# Increase professional acumen of transport/vehicle fleet manager
# Increase productivity and customer service
# Reduce vehicle accidents and employee`s injuries by 85%
# Reduce vehicle maintenance cost by 33%
# Through understanding of fleet operations?
# What is transportation policy?
# How to articulate transportation policy?
# What is a car pool?
# The challenges of transportation operations?
# The risk factors?
# Prescribe form for transportation operations
# Performance - management of staff member (drivers, dispatcher and mechanics)
# Maximize productivity using less resources
# Managing drivers
# Managing dispatch operations
# Managing special events, logistical issues and VIP visit
# Defensive/Safe Driving
# Accident investigation
# Managing customer expectations!
# VIP visit and logistical details
# What is a motorcade?
# Up country trip plan
# Setting up a standard operating procedure (SOP)
# Liability and waiver of liability
# Vehicle disposal
# Records keeping
# Controlling fuel consumption
# Motorcycle riders safety
# Driver recruitment program
# The Do`s and Don`ts for drivers
# Vehicle preventive maintenance program
Administrative professionals, individuals willing to acquire administration management skills.