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Complete Course on New VAT Law


The new Act proposes to bring significant changes in the earlier VAT rules and regulations. The new VAT Act was drafted with the declared objective of generalizing the rules and laws in a more comprehensive and user-friendly manner which was expected to make it easier to understand, and would be simple and reliable for the end-users.

This module includes All Features of New VAT Law (VAT Law 2012) and Impact of New VAT Law (VAT Law 2012) on Business Entities. The most probably the New VAT Law (VAT Law 2012) will be implemented 1st July 2019. Therefore there are lots of changes will be required in Business entities in respect of VAT related matters such as record keeping, register etc.



Contents of Training:

01. Introductory
02. Difference between New and old VAT Act
03. Definition of section-2
04. Questions and Answers

01. Who is required VAT registration & Turnover Tax Enlistment and process of VAT registration and Turnover Tax Enlistment
02. Process of information and address changes
03. Process of registration cancellation
04. Online VAT registration procedure
05. Questions and Answers

01. Process of Imposition of VAT
02. Manner of VAT collection
03. Questions and Answers

01. Assessment of Net Payable Tax (VAT) and payment thereof
02. Procedure of VAT Invoice and documentation
03. Questions and Answers

01. Adjustment
02. Increasing Adjustment
03. Decreasing Adjustment
04. Questions and Answers

01. Rebate procedure and related SRO and order
02.Questions and Answers

01. Offences, Fine, Penalty and Punishment
02. Process of Appeal and Tribunal
03. Questions and Answers

01. Return Submission
02. Questions and Answers

01. Special class on Vat consultant Examination and VAT Agent

01. Examination

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Md. Arshed Ali
  • Friday, June 12, 2020

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Anybody related with trade, commerce and industry can attend the course. Officers and executives dealing with finance and VAT in businesses and industries will be benefited from the course. Chief executives of businesses and industries can attend the course to know about New VAT Law (VAT Law 2012). People doing VAT consultancy can attend the course. Officers and executives of Audit and Accounting Firms can attend the course. All career beginners in private sector can attend the course. Above all, officers and employees of VAT can attend the course.