Public Speaking Workshop - Conquering Your F.E.A.R Factor training centre in Bangladesh


Public Speaking Workshop - Conquering Your F.E.A.R Factor


Do you ever have difficulty speaking in front of others? Do you dread meetings and presentations in which you know you`ll be called on to speak? Does your heart pound, throat close up, and palms get slick with sweat when you envision public speaking? If so, don`t worry. You`re not alone. In fact, nearly 75% of us suffer from speech anxiety — or, fear of public speaking.

Public speaking is an art, which is not perfected by many and is the #1 fear - ahead of death! Effective public speaking requires dedication and strenuous practice to master. You cannot expect to simply 'do it' and become great on your own. It requires constant monitoring, mentoring and refinement.

This course gives you a reliable model for preparing and delivering effective speeches. It is designed to help you shine where others falter. Together with you, we'll learn how to overcome the fear of speaking and welcome new opportunities in life. Upon completion of this course, I personally guarantee that you'll rise as a champion speaker!

Course Outcomes

After successful completion of the training, the participants will be able to:
 Deliver a simple yet high impact message
 Be more prepared than anyone for speech
 Learn powerful confidence building techniques
 Learn techniques to compelling speaking & handling the Audience
 Learn appearance secrets
 Become an effective listener
 Inspire others
 Improve social life
 Punch fear in the FACE!


Interactive presentation with real-life examples; Role Play; Individual/Group activity; Q&A Session

Contents of Training:

Ice-breaking: Know Thyself
Introduction to Public Speaking
Difference between Conversation and Public Speaking
Levels of Communication
Types of Speeches
Mapping the Mind & Goal Setting

Organization of Speeches: The Secret Recipe
The PREP Formula
The Windshield Wiper method
Spicing up Your Speeches
Preparing an Outline
Doing your Homework

Recognize the value of Audience
Anatomy of Audience
Tree-line: Not the line of Trees
Analyze Before and After the Speech

In the Eye of the Beholder
Let's have some Fun
Don't Lose your Place
Speaking Responsibly
Empowering your Speeches
Seeing is Believing
Avoiding Distractions

Post Lunch Ice-breaking: The ALPHABET Game

Session #5: FIGHT F.E.A.R WITH F.E.A.R
The Fear of Fear itself
The Rule of Third
Six Easy Ways To Eliminate Stage Fright
Powerful Ways to Fill The Room
Boost your Confidence
Three 'M' That Define Your Killer Presentation

Become a Star Speaker in 3 Days
Speaking on Special Occasions
The King's Speech
Practice makes Permanent
Bonus Tips & Reading Materials
One Last Surprise!

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Next Stage/ Career
 Anyone who is interested in improving or learning public speaking/speech skills.
 People who are AFRAID of public speaking
 Anybody who wants to get rid of STAGE FRIGHT
 Employees/students who want to take their speaking skills to the next level
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.