Effective Corporate Communication Skills training centre in Bangladesh

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Effective Corporate Communication Skills

  • Date : Friday, March 20, 2020
  • Duration : Day(9.30 am-5.30 pm)
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 1 day
  • Class Schedule : Friday
  • Last Date of Registration : 18 March, 2020
  • Venue : A.K.Arcade (2nd Floor), 771, Sheikh Mujib Road, Choumuhoni Circle, Chattogram
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In this fast-paced, culturally merged and globalized world, effective communication skills, particularly in the corporate sector has become an absolute necessity for not just success but for mere survival and existence.More and more corporations from across the globe are showing their interest in entering our local markets which put our local human resources at risk if they cannot catch up with the ever advanced global resources particularly in the field of effective business communication.
It has been proven that achieving greater heights and becoming a great leader is not possible without becoming a great communicator. Communication seems to be so simple, but the truth is that everyone can communicate but only few can connect effectively.

Training Objectives:
The purpose or idea behind this training is to ensure that the attendees fully understand and absorb the importance of effective communication skills in this globalised world and are ready to adapt the same in their daily life in order to succeed in their field of interest.

How participants will benefit from the training program:
At the end of this day-long long training program, attendees will have attained the following objectives:
• Become fully aware of the importance of corporate communication and
• Learn the various types of communication styles that exist in contemporary office environment
• Be able to logically choose and use the right communication skills at the right place
• Be able to identify and use the non-verbal modes of communication such as body language, tone of voice, etc effectively
• Identify different communication styles in action and flex their style to influence others.
• Convey your message clearly, concisely and assertively, and ensure you have understood the message others are conveying to you.
• Recognize how behaviors impact the effectiveness of communication and select the most appropriate behavior to the situation.
• Learn the tricks and hacks to develop confidence and become a fluent public speaker
• Understand empathy and how it can be used in a corporate setting for successful communication and interaction



Contents of Training:

1. Forms and methods of communication
o Process of communication
o Different communication methods and their effectiveness

2. Communication styles
o Identifying our own communication style and preference
o Adjusting to other styles

• Successful Communication Essentials
o 3 P's: Professional, Polite, Positive
o Identifying and overcoming barriers to communication
o Characteristics of an excellent communicator

• Non-Verbal Modes of Communication
o Voice tone and modulation
o Gesture, posture, eye contact
o Body language
o Active listening
• How to Influence Others
o Requirements and process for moving someone from an entrenched position
o Using and controlling your emotions through words, sounds and presence to create impact
o Handling difficult situations and delivering difficult messages
• Communicating and Presenting a Positive Image
o Meetings – getting heard, being taken seriously, taking the lead, making an impact
o Understanding the importance and use of phraseology
o Responding to others’ ideas – sharing, understanding, support and appreciation
• Putting effective communication skills into practice

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Professionals looking for developing business communication skills.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

Resource Person

Mehnaz Huda

HR Professional & Soft Skills Trainer

Mehnaz is an HR Professional and an emerging soft skills trainer holding nearly 8 years of experience in numerous sectors such as real estate, technology and education with core areas of expertise being HR Operations, Training, Communication, Talent Acquisition, Retention & Strategy. Mehnaz started off her career as a Student Counselor in her University while she was still pursuing her under graduation and later went on to set up the HR Department of her University. She has also served as a Lifestyle Consultant and Customer Care Specialist in Sanmar Group, a leading real-estate conglomerate in the country and her latest experience includes working for the renowned start-up, Pathao Ltd as the Lead & In-Charge of HR Department in Chattogram.

Born and raised in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E, Mehnaz has exposure to living and prospering in a diversified, multi-cultural environment. She returned to Bangladesh in the year 2009 and went on to pursue her Bachelors and Masters in Business Administration from a reputed University in Chattogram where she also became the first student to complete under graduation with the highest CGPA.

Mehnaz is passionate about public speaking and has often represented her organizations in various public platforms. In 2018, she was invited as a key resource person to represent Pathao as an Employer Brand in the annual Career Summit organized by JobmarketBD. She was also invited as a Key Note Speaker in the annual Round Square Conference of Chittagong Grammar School in 2019 where she spoke on the topics of leadership and communication. Apart from these, Mehnaz has the experience of hosting more than 40 odd programs, seminars and conferences in her life-time which also includes the ICMAB international conference each year. In 2013, she had also worked temporarily for Maxwell Stamp Ltd where she played an integral role in assessing the land feasibility of Anowara and Mirer Sarai for being established as an Economic Zone in Chattogram.

Mehnaz believes that her diversified experience and an early start to her career is what sets her apart and gives her a competitive edge in this globally competitive world.