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Project Cycle Management (PCM)


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Project cycle management-PCM is inevitable to ensure the expected results of a project designed to bring lasting change. PCM is important because it provides operational guidance to go in line with the agreed theory of change-ToC. Good project management ensures that the goals of projects are being implemented with due quality in achieving the intended goals. PCM is also supported by project personnel to identify potential risks that might needs change. Given that, PCM is an important tool to the manager to lead a fruitful journey of a challenging management.

Specific objectives
Upon attending this workshop, participants will be to-
✔Explain why Project Cycle Management (PCM) is important and how Logical ✔Framework Approach fits with PCM;
✔Understand and use to apply the various steps of Logical Framework Analysis (LFA);
✔Develop and use project implementation operational things including Monitoring and Evaluation framework, action plan and reporting techniques.


Presentation, Q/A session

Contents of Training:


Introduction to PCM
Define Project Cycle Management and its importance
Project Management Terminologies
What is a Project? What is the relation between The PCM and LFA How to design a project
Operational steps in developing a project
What is a Project? What is the relation between The PCM and LFA How to design a project
Operational steps in developing a project

Project Appraisal
Defining project Indicators and means of verification
Activity Scheduling Implementation of the project
Action plan and capacity building
Monitoring Projects’ progress

Reporting and dissemination
Project evaluation and lessons learned

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Md. Mozahidul Islam
  • Friday, July 31, 2020

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Mid and senior level NGO and other professionals work for program planning, monitoring and implementation, having skill and experience in the different approach of a development project. Moderate skill and working experience with a logical framework is preferable.