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Case Study
Role Play/ Simulation
Lecture Discussion and
Sharing/ Participatory

Contents of Training:

A customer focus puts your customers on the top of your list of priorities. When you put your customers into the heart of your business you make customers part of your service culture. This is one of the core concepts that will be introduced to participants as well as elevating them to become more flexible and inspirational communicators in engaging customers and deliver world class customer care portraying energy, commitment and ending customer interactions leaving customers with a positive lasting impression.

Objectives: By the end of this training course participants will be able to:

# Understand how their role is instrumental in delivering a high performance customer focused environment.
# Realign their thinking about customer complaints and understand the opportunity that exists to develop increased lifetime value from even the most challenging customer situations.
# Clearly understand the attitude, skills and knowledge required to be a professional customer care representative.
# Understand the importance of measuring and benchmarking service and the value of a lost customer.
# Create stronger connections with customer and enhance their personal communication through understanding the basics of customer psychology, rapport building and adapting their communication styles for positive customer interactions.
# Design RIGHT KPI for Customer Service Executives.
Module-1: Professionalism in the Workplace
# 4 types of people in workplace: Succeder, Striver, Maintainer, Struggler
# Internal Customer: Who, Why, How
# DARE model to be an exceptional employee
# Personal & Professional Goals

Module 2 : Creating the Customer Centric Organization
# Standing for Real Values — Even in the Virtual World
# Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Taking an Honest Look at Your Service
# The In-Focused Company
# The Customer-Focused Company
# Three Basic Elements of Service Excellence
# Developing a Customer-Friendly Attitude
# Reconsidering Who Your Customers Are

Module 3: What do customers want?
# What customers want?
# Logic Vs Emotion
# Customers want CASH
# What customers want?
# Winning customers hearts
# CASH model to define Customer Want
# LARP model for determine Customer Need
# The Five A`s for the Customer Checklist
# 10 Things that Customer Need
# 10 Types of Customer Behavior
# Think Like a Customer

# Module 4 : Customer service Strategies & Techniques
# Six Key Strategies for Customer Service
# Implementing Your Strategy: 4 phase process
# Developing Service Standards in Four Simple Steps
# Seven Diffusing techniques
# Disengaging
# Face saving out
# Empowering customers
# Acing the Invisible Score Card

Module 5: Competencies for Customer Service Excellence
# Required Attitude, Skills and Knowledge
# Characteristics of high performing service providers
# Rapport = Results
# Strategies for building rapport
# Turning Service Excellence into Sales Success: Five Timeless Techniques
# SERVQUAL: 5 Dimensions assurance, empathy, reliability, responsiveness, and tangibles
# DINESERV: Another Model for creating Excellent Customer Service
# Behavioral Influence Stairway Model
# 5 Methods to build Customer Service Relationship
# 10 Tips for better Customer Relation

# Module 6: Communication that Matters for Customer Service Excellence
# Seeing Customers Eye to Eye
# Minding Your Facial Expressions
# Getting a Handle on Hand Gestures
# Neatness Counts
# Improving Your Inflection
# Telephone Etiquette
# Weighing E-Mail Pros and Cons
# E-Mail Etiquette Solutions
# Writing E-Mails that Produce Results
# E-Mail Ethics

Module 7: Getting in Step with Your Customer
# Understanding Your Working Style
# The analytical working style
# The driver working style
# The amiable working style
# The expressive working style
# Assessing a customer`s style
# Style-Stepping Opportunities
# Creating a Customer Profile

Module 8: Creating `Satisfaction & Loyalty`: the Ultimate goal of Customer Service
# Defining a lifetime customer
# Drivers of customer loyalty
# Keeping Customers loyal and plus one's
# Why customers leave and cost of losing a customer
# Importance of customer feedback
# Methods of collecting customer feedback
# Rate my NPS activity
# RESPECT Model for behaviors
# RESOLVE Model for problem solving strategy
# 10 Commandments in Customer Service
# Managing loyalty and profitability
# The 80/20 customer pyramid
# CARE model for Customer care

# Module 9: KPI for Customer Service Executives
# Net Promoter Score [NPS]
# Customer Satisfaction Index [CSI]
# Customer`s Value Index [CVI]
# Customer Life Time Value
# Customer Profitability
# Cost per Lead

Module 10: Value of a complaint
# A Complaint is a gift
# Ground rules for receiving a complaint
# Avoiding customers hot buttons and forbidden language

Module 11: Road Blocks: What to Do When You Have to Say No
# Circumstances that Make It Impossible to Say Yes
# Saying Yes versus Making Customers Happy
# The Customer`s Six Basic Needs — Are You Meeting Them?
# Six Steps to Beat the Heat of a Difficult Customer
# Understanding and Overcoming Stress

Module 12: The Part of TEN
# Ten Major Don`ts of Customer Service
# Ten Tips for Constructive Conflict with Co-Workers
# Ten Ways to Get Better Service as a Customer

Customer service staff and professionals at all levels