Professional Communication and Etiquette training centre in Bangladesh


Professional Communication and Etiquette


The training program on Professional Communication and Etiquette offers you a package of essentialskills to portray your professional image and a tool to fast-track your success. It is never too late to startadopting professional attributes, such as following appropriate style of communication, buildingprofessional relationships with superiors, stakeholders and networking with external clients, conductingbusiness meetings effectively, dining with formal dinner etiquette, etc. All these add up to creating thepositive image of your company and you as a professional. This one-day training program is designed forprofessionals at all levels and will cover everything that comes under the banner of professionalism.

Specific Learning Objectives:

Participants will learn to:
▪ Communicate with Colleagues, Stakeholders and External Clients following the Office Decorum
▪ Use Techniques to make Requests & Instructions, and give & seek Feedback
▪ Construct relationship with Stakeholders & Colleagues
▪ Manage Difficult Situations and Personalities at work
▪ Present Yourself Professionally at work and at Official Events/Dinners
▪ Follow Formal Dining-Table Manner
▪ Conduct Business Meetings Effectively and Efficiently
▪ Manage Time effectively
▪ Identify Moral from Immoral Behavior at work
▪ Understand corporate ethics, and recognize your ethics along the way


Power point presentation, group discussions, feedback, experience sharing and exercises based on individual/group needs.

Contents of Training:

Actions to enhance development and growth- in terms of effective communication and constructive relationships with superiors
➢ Making requests to superiors and giving instructions to subordinates
➢ Cooperation with Colleagues to get cooperation in return
➢ Recognizing the kind of information to share and topics to discuss
➢ Respecting colleagues` privacy of personal information, space and belongings
➢ Keeping stationary and information handy at meetings with clients or other official occasions
➢ Asking for feedback from superiors and give short-comings in for further learning
➢ Maintaining Health & Hygiene within the office environment
➢ Avoiding discrimination of age, sex and race
➢ Managing difficult colleagues- Being tactful and professional in conveying difficult message to a customer for an effective resolution
➢ Accept and deliver remarks and feedback to and from colleagues professionally

Activity/Exercise- Building Professionalism Collage:
In this exercise, participants will categorize several activities that we perform during the office-hours, as professional and unprofessional. By doing this, participants will have a clear concept of how to make a professional working environment following the professional behavior guidelines.

Practice Giving and Taking Feedback: Analyze Scripts to Determine the “Right Way to Deal with and Give out Negative Feedbacks in a Professional Way” followed by Role Play

Professional Communication
Understanding different communication styles
➢ Techniques to identify and master different methods of communication
➢ The right body language cues
➢ Saying the right words at the right time
➢ Using the kind of terminologies, words and phrases suitable to address and communicate with Colleagues at upper and lower tiers

Activity- Identify your own communication style and map out techniques to bridge with others

Attending Corporate Dinner and Events, and Building Constructive Corporate Relationship
➢ Choosing the appropriate attire
➢ Socializing Techniques for Corporate/Official meeting, parties or other programs
➢ Dining Table Etiquette: Using Cutleries & Napkins, Holding Tea-cups & Glasses, talking, while dining

Business Meeting Etiquette
➢ How to present information and updates
➢ How to give way to others and interject with your ideas at the same time
Activity/Exercise- Role Play a Business Meeting Scene

Professionals from all sectors, Team members.