Contemporary Supply Chain and Logistics Management training centre in Bangladesh


Contemporary Supply Chain and Logistics Management

  • Date : 04 - 16 November 2020
  • Duration : Evening(7 PM-10 PM)
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 4 Sessions
  • Class Schedule : Tuesday & Thursday
  • Total Hours : 12
  • Last Date of Registration : 3 November, 2020
  • Venue : Online Virtual


In today`s global competitive environment; organizations survive by leveraging their often complex supply chains to provide value to customers. Organizations must be able to provide the right goods and services to the right customers, in the right quantity, in the right place and time, and at the right costs. Failure to do so could have significant negative impact on the bottom-line.
This course is designed and articulated to sharpen participant`s knowledge and skills in doing /operating supply chain efficiently and successfully. Learning the process and procedure of supply chain basics, tools, techniques, challenges/ risk factors and solutions and success issues, conducting research and staying informed can help you succeed in your supply chain operation. Real life process and procedures have been described in this training program, as participants can gather knowledge easily and implement the training result in the real life operation /business. This course is planned such a way that within a short period of time the participants can engage them in operating supply chain in real life. Participants will be truly benefited and confident just walk away from the training room.
Objectives of this training:
# Explain the basic concept of SCM and LM
# It aims to provide participants foundational and advanced knowledge on how to tackle, resolve, and manage myriad complex problems and issues that confront supply chain managers.
# The purpose of the course is to recognize the interrelationship of supply chain functions and to understand how all parts of the supply chain work.
# Professional involves in Supply Chain Management(SCM) as they can minimize cost
# Supply the products and services to the right places in right time and satisfy the customer


Lecture & discussion, Power Point Presentation, Peer learning, Group work and presentation, Experience sharing, Role play,Buzz and simulation games, Case study exercises, Video clip

Contents of Training:

Day 1

 Meaning of Supply Chain Management (SCM)
 Meaning of Logistics Management
 Contributors in Supply Chain
 International Supply Chain Management
 Global Supply Chain Management
 Lean Supply Chain Management
 Agile Supply Chain Management
 Green Supply Chain Management
 Supply chain in Manufacturing organizations
 Supply Chain Trading Organizations
 Supply Chain Management Functions/Activities
 Learning Check
 What is Supply Chain Planning
 Demand Planning
 Supply Planning
Learning Methodology

Day 2

 Planning as Supply Target (Quality,
 Cost, Time, Availability ,Suppliers Services)
 Planning as per Supply Chain Functions
 Planning as per 8P+3R+3R Model
 Types of Forecasting Methods
 Methods of fore -casting Demand
 Bullwhip Effect
SUPPLY MARKET, SUPPLIER, BUYER, CULTURE &COST ANALYSIS IN SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT:  Supply Market  Supplier and Supplier Country Analysis  Buyer and Buyer Country Analysis  Supplier offer Analysis  Culture Analysis  Supply Chain Cost Analysis  Life Cycle Cost/ TCO Analysis  Pre-transactions, Transactions and Post Transactions Cost in Supply Chain  Learning Check  SCM CASES, EXCERCISES, VIDEO, GAME, ROLE PLAY NEGOTIATION MANAGEMENT:
 Meaning of Negotiation
 Negotiation is the skillset in the purchasing field
 Negotiation with supplier
 When you would negotiate with suppliers
 Negotiation Model(Linking to Marketing Mix) as per Supply Chain Planning
 Determining Negotiable zone
 WIN WIN vs WIN LOSE negotiation
 Understand the culture of the other party
 Persuasion techniques in negotiation
 Quality of Successful negotiators
 Learning Check
Day -Three

 What is a Contract?
 To be valid a contract must fulfill the some requirements
 How to make a good contract?
 How to draft the International Purchase Contract
 How to draft the International Sales Contract
 ICC Contract Rule, UNICITRAL Contract Rule, UNIDROIT Contract Rule in Internal Purchase and Supply
 Avoiding contractual default
 Settling Disputes: Dispute Resolution Methods
 Learning Check
 Purchasing /Procurement Management,
 Procurement Model
 Purchasing area
 Fundamental goals of purchasing
 4types purchase
 4 types of items
 Kraljics Matrix(Supply positioning Model)in buying situation
 Local Procurement /Purchasing Procedure
 Details of International Procurement /Purchasing Procedure
 H.S Code(WCO Guideline) ,Inco terms(2010 Version) and Its usages in International Procurement
 Public /Government Procurement Procedure
 Purchase Order
 Determining and Specifying requirements
 Learning Check
Day 4

 Meaning of payment
 Principal payment methods
 Payment by Irrevocable letter of credit and its Process
 Learning Check
INVENTORY MANAGEMENT:  Inventory management / Material Management
 Stages of Inventory
 Types of Inventory
 Financial implications of holding inventory
 How much inventory to hold(Pipe Line Model)
 Signs of Trouble in Inventory Management
 Reasons for keeping inventory
 The role of the Inventory Manager
 Inventory Operations
 Pareto 80/20 rule
 The Supply Positioning Model: Approaches to managing stock
 Inventory Categorization (ABC Analysis based on 80/ 20 rule)
 EOQ model and Calculation of EOQ
 Danger level of materials or inventory stock and its calculation
 Re-order level or ordering point or ordering level and its calculation
 Learning Check
 Meaning of Logistics
 3PL Logistics
 4 PL Logistics
 Reverse Logistics
 Responsibilities of logistics manager
 Transportation Management
 Choosing the most appropriate mode of transport
 Air Transportation and its documentation
 Sea Transportation and its documentation
 Road and other transportation and its documentation
 Learning Check

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Resource Person

Md. Arif Khan

M.Com, MBA, PGDIM, INT.DIPLOMA-SCM-(P), Switzerland

Md. Arif Khan is a professional Consultant (Business, Learning & Career) of Sullivan Consulting and Learning services and Chief Supply Chain Officer of FMS Group (Supply Chain, Commercial& Marketing).
Mr. Khan is a certified Trainer of WTO/UNCTAD/ITC -Switzerland and CIPS-UK on Supply Chain Management. Mr. Khan has earned his postgraduate degrees on M.Com (Management),PGD(Industrial Management),MBA(Marketing & International Business),International .Diploma (Purchasing and Supply Chain Management ),ITC-Switzerland. Mr. Khan is senior Trainer of DCCI Business Institute on Supply Chain Management since 2006. He is also conducting training in leading Corporate, Training organizations and Institutes in Bangladesh . He was awarded as Top teaching award while worked in a cross cultural environment at INTI International University –Malaysia. Mr. Khan has also conducted and facilitated several Trainings, Workshops, Seminars and Trade Fairs while worked at UNDP, INTI and BRAC.
Early 90’s he had started his career with Navana Industries Ltd. as Executive (Import-Export-Industries Division), Mr. Khan also worked at Apex-Adelchi Footwear Ltd., as Commercial Manager(Import-Export-Industries Division) ,at Integra Communications Ltd., as Head of Supply Chain and Corporate Affairs, at UNDP as Specialist(Marketing &Business Development), at AMS Group as CEO (Supply Chain, Commercial, Marketing),at INTI International University-Malaysia as Senior Faculty (Business& Marketing), at Brac as Faculty Coordinator (Business &Enterprises).

Lecture & discussion, Power Point Presentation, Peer learning, Group work and presentation, Experience sharing, Role play,Buzz and simulation games, Case study exercises, Video clip