Project Management training centre in Bangladesh


Project Management

  • Date : 09 - 28 December 2020
  • Duration : Evening(07:00 PM-10:00 PM)
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 6 Sessions
  • Class Schedule : Monday & Wednesday
  • Total Hours : 18
  • Last Date of Registration : 8 December, 2020 ( within 5pm )
  • Venue : Online Virtual
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A project usually deemed to be a success, if it achieves the objectives according to their acceptance criteria, within an agreed timescale and budget. A key factor that distinguishes project management from just 'management' is that it has the final deliverable and a finite time Span.

Major objective of the course is to capacitate the managers or leaders to manage project effectively and efficiently as required standard, and achieve project objective quality, as well as project impact positively.

After completion of the course, the participants will be able:
# To understand basics of project and project cycle
#To define project management cycle
#To define project planning
#To define Logical frame work (LFA)
#To understand how the LFA use project planning and implementing
#To understand project implementation process
#To define monitoring and evaluation
#To understand and prepare deferent type monitoring tools and technique
#To understand project sustainability
#To define managers role in project management effectively
#To understand how a Project Manage Quality
#To understand role of project manager to achieve project objectives and goal
#To understand staff management, work distribution and team building
#To understand problem solving
#To improve quality of leadership
#To strengthen team an effective and efficient manner
#To manage project management risk


Live Screen Sharing, Q/A session

Contents of Training:

#Conceptual over view on Project
#Project and Program
#Project Management
#Cycle of Project
#Project Cycle Management
#Concept on Initiate project
#Project design and planning br>#Project implementation and monitoring
#Project evaluation
#And/or re planning
#An Introduction of Logical Framework Approach (LFA)
#Analysis stakeholder, problem, objectives and strategies
#Panning logical frame work matrix
#Identify intervention, indicator, verification, assumption,
#Managing Project Quality
#Using LFA project implementation
#Planning and Re-planning: What, When and How?
#Overall work plan or Details implementing plan
#Planning of Management Activities
#Quality control
#Information, communication and reporting
#Financial planning (budget control, stock taking)
#Staff management (training, team building, etc.)
#Conflict management and problem solving
#Major Management Activities for Project Managers
#Checklist for Preparing an Activity Schedule
#Basic of Monitoring
#Steps of Monitoring
#Major Monitoring Issues: Overview and Support Material
#Monitoring of Activities and Means / Resources
#Monitoring of Results
#Monitoring of Assumptions
#Monitoring of Impacts
#Evaluation project
#Monitoring and Evaluation
#Conceptual over view on project Sustainability
#Effective and efficiency
#Leadership and management
#Strengthening team and partnership to common goal and goodwill
#Risk Management for the project
#Stress management
Project Managers and/or mid-level Executives

Resource Person

Dr. Sakil Ahammed

PhD in Good Governance

Dr Sakil Ahammed, PhD in Public Administration (major in Good Governance) is basically development practitioner, consultant and trainer on Organizational Development, Project Development and Management, Leadership Management, Monitoring and Evaluation. He is researcher in organizational development and counselor in family management and peace. 20 years of working experience with 03 numbers of International Organizations, two numbers of National Organizations in those positions of Director, Executive, Senior and Mid level management.
Dr Sakil graduate from Dhaka University, PhD in Public Administration (major in Good Governance) from American World University of California, USA. Dr Sakil Ahammed worked in CDA as a Deputy Executive Director, in World Vision Bangladesh as a Disaster Management Specialist and in International Development Enterprise-Bangladesh as a Field Manager. He worked in deferent field as Governance, Leadership Management, Developing Organizational Policy and Staff, Project/ program Planning, Implementing, Coordination, Management.
His key capabilities on research, management, training facilitation, reporting, monitoring and evaluation. He conducts several types of training like- Project management, Leadership Development, Organizational Policies, Conflict Management and Problem Solving, Disaster Management and Climate Change Adaptation, Proposal Writing, Report Writing, Monitoring and Evaluation, Institutional Development and Organizational Governance.
Specially, Dr Sakil has a new interesting, intensive and innovative capabilities to train and counsel on Peaceful Family Management for the working people, Conflict Management and Problem Solving skills for the working people for more assurance in quality of staff, more productivity and peaceful healthy family and work environment. He conducts both of training orientation for several organization, staff and their spouse in official premises and outer training center.

Live Screen Sharing, Q/A session